mardi 19 mai 2020

Exceptional stocks (looking for the 5% or the 1%)

Here's some stocks with exceptional numbers. These stocks were picked from a database of about 2500 stocks. So, the ones that are showed in this post really standout. I think that there's not a bad stock in that list. Every one is either good or excellent.

Super high predictability stocks (5% of the database)

Canadian National
Home Depot
Ross Stores

Super high profit margin stocks (5% of the database)

AbbVie (40%)
Arista Networks (36%)
Facebook (35%)

Super high predictability + EPS growth over 15% for the past 5 years (1% of the database)

Sherwin Williams

ROE over 20% + profit margin over 20% + EPS growth over 15% for the past 5 years + super high predictability (0,2% of the database)

Booking Holdings
Edwards Lifescience

When you realize that only 1 or 0,2% of the stocks available possess what you're looking for, how much are you willing to pay? About 15 times earnings, like the normal price that you have to pay for 50% of the stocks on the market?

I've compared that situation to luxury cars in the past. But now, with the documentary "The Last Dance" about Michael Jordan on Netflix, I'd be more tempted to make a comparison with sports:

If you have Michael Jordan or Wayne Gretzky in your team, do you think they will accept to be paid like the average player of the league?

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