jeudi 7 mai 2020

Great interviews: A random guy from Winnipeg on Twitter

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Yesterday, I was on Twitter and I said to myself that I could try to reach some big CEO's (Google, Microsoft, Shopify), to interview them on my blog. These assholes need the exposure that I could offer them but they act like they don't. That's the game they always play. They want to show their independance. Well, they better hurry, because I may change my mind.

So far, they haven't replied. But a random guy from Winnipeg named Jordan Maas wrote to me that he would like to be interviewed and talk about whiskey and penetration. That's not the angle I wanted to use, but I'm flexible.

Here's the interview:

1- What are the 5 biggest stakes in your portfolio?

1- XAW
2- RBC Canadian Equity Income Fund series D
3- Algonquin Power
4- GoEasy Financial
5- CAE
Without funds and ETF - include Artis REIT & Transcontinental

2- Who is your biggest influence (any field of influence)?

David Chilton (Wealthy Barber) is probably who really got the idea of paying yourself first, compound interest stuck into me at a young age - and I recommend the book(s) to everyone starting out.

3- What's your main goal in life?

It's probably changed over the last few years. Be the best dad I can.

4- Would your rather have a long and boring life or a short life full of crime, sex and money?

Would anyone actually pick a long and boring life? Then again, how short are we talking? Probably somewhere in between. I'm definitely a "enjoy life" kind of person.

5- Would you penetrate your biggest influence (see question #2)
Ha... even if I said yes, pretty sure neither he or my wife would let me - lol

6- What's your favorite whiskey?
Currently a tie between Blantons & Weller Antique

7- Do you feel superior to beer drinkers?
Impossible, I love beer too. Though I definitely feel superior to coors light drinkers (I'm looking at you @PassiveCndlncom haha jk)

8- Would you rather die rich and alone or very poor with full of homeless friends?
Are those my ONLY two options... i mean jeebus.. is there no in between? It's great if you can be financially secure - but there is definitely more to life than having money or being rich. I'd rather be comfortable and happy than uber rich and miserable... let's put it that that way.

9- Would you rather penetrate or be penetrated by Freddy Mercury?
Can't it be both?

Jordan Maas
Twitter: damaaster

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