mercredi 8 juillet 2020

Some great performers for the last 6 months

Today, the S&P500 is almost at the same level as it was at the beginning of 2020. Just like nothing happened.

However, some stocks are way more expensive now than they were 6 months ago.

For instance:

Zoom Video: up 265%
Tesla: up 196%
Shopify: up 155%
Etsy: up 145%
Wayfair: up 136%
Square: up 94%
Amazon: up 57%

The lockdown had a significant impact on the valuation (and, usually on the sales, also) of these stocks. Among that list, the only stock for which I don't see any relation between COVID and it's performance is Tesla.

Which means that even during a great crisis, we can find some occasions.

Another argument about not selling everything to wait for a better circumstances. There are circusmstances good for some stocks and bad for others. 

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