mercredi 23 septembre 2020

Nike (NKE)

Few people think about Nike when it comes to investment. That name is known by everybody since bronze age or so. Nobody wants to talk about something that's so old. 

It's a mistake, because Nike is a very good company that's still growing after all these years. Their last results were out yesterday and the stock is up 10% today and we're talking about a stock with a 200B$ market cap. Not that easy to move the needle on such heavy-weight. 

Revenues are mostly flat (which is an achievement during a pandemic), but digital sales were up 82%. It seems that Nike does the right things about electronic commerce. 

Nike is one of the strongest brands that exist. That link shows us that it's ranked 13th on Forbes lists of most valuable brands

With a ROE around 30 and a growth rate much higher than the average, a dominating position, a very high predictability and a product associated to sports (which is not an evil sector... even if they employ 3 years old kids in India), I believe that Nike is a great name for any portfolio. But it's very expensive (about 35 times next year's earnings). 

Once again, if you want Michael Jordan in your team, you have to pay the price. However, you pay a lot for something that's understandable and not overly trendy like so many other hot names. 

2 commentaires:

  1. If you want to buy a strong brand long term investment that hasn't run yet I'd look at Pepsi here. You could buy it here, never sell it and do very well over the next 30 plus years

  2. The two stores I've seen in shopping malls with line-ups during the pandemic were Nike and Lululemon.