mardi 27 octobre 2020

Liberté 45

There's a well-known guy in Quebec. His name is Pierre-Yves McSween. He's exactly my age (41 years old), he has a crazy curly haircut but a nice smile and appears on TV, on Twitter, and on various other medias. 

He recently released a book called 'Liberté 45' (do I really have to translate that in english?). 

I haven't read the book yet but I plan to do so. However, I know what he's writing about because so many people talked about that book lately. 

It's about making the choice of not spending too much while you're young to enjoy life later in life (around age 45, for instance). 

I couldn't disagree with that. Because that's exactly what I've done with my life. And now, I can travel 3 or 4 times a year without having to face any consequence on my budget. But I keep my cars 10 years. 

However, life has learned me that what's good for someone may not be for someone's else. We don't have the same genetics, the same background, the same values. For instance, if my parents would have died in their 40's, I think that I would feel much more the need for enjoying life each day of my life. I think it would be almost stupid to plan a far future when your genetics may not be on your side. Also, if you're inclined to depression, why wouldn't you do some parachute, buy new shoes or change your haircut every week to avoid becoming suicidal?

There's no truth for everyone. The truth of Pierre-Yves McSween and me is that we're insecure and money gives us a security that we can't find elsewhere. Most of our actions come from our fears and insecurities. That's how it works.  The important thing is to make the choice that suits you fine. 

But everyone should take consideration of all the possibilities you have as soon as you can. It includes reading that book about living an humdrum life followed by a more exciting life or reading the book of Frank Abagnale about starting early with something exciting and illegal. 

There's a wide range of choices and even if I couldn't recommend the illegal way of living your life, it's still a possibility and it could save you from depression or suicide. 

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  1. HEAR YE! HEAR YE! Announcement of the year! Kent Donville will be on BNN Market Call in the coming next few weeks! He's alive I said, He's alive!!!!!

  2. Damn, beat me to it. He has risen!

  3. He should make Valeant all of his top 3 picks. Just for fun.