mardi 13 octobre 2020

Time to be aggressive

In case Joe Biden is elected three weeks from now, the market should go down because business taxation should be increased under a democrat governemnt. 

If Trump is reelected, the market will probably go up a lot, because it looks like that the market is crazy about that cocksucker. 

It's gonna be an exception, but I wouldn't care losing some money for being rid of that fucking asshole. Also, the market is expensive, so I'd take a 10-15% drop with pleasure.

I wrote something about that lately, but I think that it's time to gather as much money as possible because banks make it easy for us to get money for almost nothing (rates under 2%).. 

For instance, I've increased my mortgage and I'm gonna put the money in my margin account, which will allow me to use more margin (more money on the account = increased margin). That recipe will throw you off a cliff if you're a gambler. I don't recommend that to anybody.  .

I'm doing that because borrowing money is extremely cheap these days but also because I feel that I'm gonna lose my mind sooner or later. Being unable to go outside my house because of that red alert is becoming to be hard on my nerves. I need some thrill. Borrowing money, buying electronic drums, eating my own shit. Anything to make that isolation exciting.  

4 commentaires:

  1. Stocks have been rising while it seems like "they' are predicting a Biden win. I would imagine the market likes a Biden win.

  2. The market may well be predicting tremendous velocity of money. Politics are irrelevant. Always have been. To stocks.

  3. If you have solid companies, it don't matter who wins! Can you do one blog with no swearing or bad language, pretend your doing a blog in 1960! Try it, bet you fuckin can't!