lundi 4 janvier 2021

Why looking elsewhere to find things we already have here?

I wrote it many times: my first reading about the stock market was Stephen Jarislowsky's book (Dans la jungle du placement). While not being a masterpiece, the book was interesting and gave me some advices that are still in my brain to this day.

One of them was to invest only in companies listed on american or canadian stock exchanges. Or maybe was it to invest only in canadian and american stocks. 

Anyway, I've kept the lesson to invest only in american and canadian based companies.

Of course, I trust Europe as much as I trust North America. I probably trust Australia and New Zealand too (but is there any international company in these two countries?). But do I trust Nigeria and Bengladesh? Not really. 

In the recent years, I've seen a lot of people talking about their investments in, Tencent, Alibaba and some others. And while the growth of these companies seems huge, I've never considered buying any shares because I simply don't trust that fucking China.

Today, I learned that Jack Ma, the CEO of Alibaba, is missing. Since he's had problems with chinese autorities this fall, the first reason coming to mind might be that he's been taking in charge by the government in some reform camp. Some extended course about Mao Tse Tung and the benefits of communism. Or, perhaps he's only been taking a big shit over the last 2 months. But that's my only other hypothesis. 

Can you imagine that? The biggest CEO of China missing. Do you imagine what may happen to all the small CEO's? 

There's plenty of very high growth companies in Canada and USA.

There's plenty of american and canadian crooks.

Our governement doesn't always do what he should do to protect us. 

Why looking elsewhere to find things we already have here? 

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  1. "Missing" is a nice word to use for a headline but one can only be missing if their close circle of people can't find him.