jeudi 8 avril 2021

A walk in the neighbourhood

I was walking in the neighbourhood around noon and I heard two construction workers talking about Bitcoin. These guys were probably a bit younger than me. Let's say around 30-35 years old. One of them said that one of his friend bought Bitcoins for a value of 30 000$. I didn't hear the rest of the story but I presume that this money was multiplied. And that story is probably now a legend among construction workers of how easy it can be to make money with Bitcoin (or on the stock market). 

Do you meet people who talk to you about Google, Microsoft or Nike? Me, never. People who talk about investment only talk about trends like Bitcoin, Weed, or some new pharma making drugs with dicks of endangered species. If Internet wouldn't exist, I would feel very alone with my conventional companies.

You've probably read or heard that numerous times: getting richer slowly is something that works. Of course, it implies that you have to be able to select good stocks. 

Today, I've reached another round number for my portfolio. It goes up more and more and quicker and quicker every year. Not in a relative way, but in absolute numbers, my portfolio grows a lot (I'll come back to that around my birthday as I usually do every year). But, let's say that, over the last 8 years, my portfolio was multiplied by 8 (I won't reveal the numbers, but let's say that it was much more than from 1000$ to 8000$). And since july 2018 (less than three years), my portfolio doubled.

Of course, it's not only a question of good investments. It's also a question or annual income and expenses. For these two things, I do pretty well. Combine that with a good stock selection and you'll probably be able to enlarge your penis and import russian girls. 

But, anyway, the point of this post would be to tell to everybody to be very cautious abut these fads about the next big thing. Today it's Bitcoin. Yesterday, it was weed.  Tomorrow, it will be some other stuff. You may jump on the train for Bitcoin or some shit, but not for 30 000$ for FUCK SAKE. If you put 30 000$ on Bitcoin and you're not a dentist, you deserve to lose your money because you act like a fucking retard. 

Why the fuck do some people have so much money to gamble with? 

6 commentaires:

  1. The working definition of 'intrinsic value' is the value of an asset's future cash flows discounted back to the present at an agreed upon discount rate (usually the yield on the 10 year bill).

    I do not see any intrinsic value in Bitcoin...

  2. NFTs = next big thing! You heard it here first.

  3. "Real investors" are always sour towards the people who match their returns in 10% of the time. Their only recourse is that these "bad investors" will end up giving it all back. As if it's a badge of honour to take 10 times as long to get the same return. We're all in this game for one reason -- to have the most money as possible in the end.

    1. Unknown - You are overlooking the "Risk factor" in your statement about "matching returns in 10% of the time".

      For example, if I drive a car at 200 Km/hr, I will reach my destination in half or third of the time that it takes for other drivers who observe posted speed limits. However, I have exposed myself and my passengers to unnecessarily high risk. This might work out occasionally, but it'll end in horrific results in the long run.

      Risk and Return are two sides of the same coin. Nobody should talk about one side, but completely overlooking the other.

    2. Shakib, you are sounding like one of those real investors. All that I'm saying is that if someone arrives at the destination 20 years before you do then you have to accept the fact that they took the risk and it worked out.