lundi 26 avril 2021

What happens after this?

Have you tried to buy something via Facebook's marketplace? 

All things related to hobbies are sold out pretty quickly. If you're looking for a bike, a skidoo, a motorcycle, you better buy quickly because after 24 or 48 hours, almost everything has been sold. It's crazy. I was looking for a scooter and prices went up like crazy. Actually, last week, 2017 models were sold for almost the price of a 2022 model. 

And what about real estate? My sister recently sold her condo for 30 000$ more than what she asked for. She got that money even if she had to disclose that she recently had cuckroaches (because of some shit-smelling neighbour). 

So, it's completely crazy. It's probably true everywhere in Canada. Everybody tries to have hobbies and his willing to pay an high price for these hobbies. Because they're probably going mad in their houses. 

The only hobby sector  where it's not too crazy seems to be musical instruments. I'm actually on the way of buying a drum and I managed to lower the asked price. Well, musical instruments are not for everybody, contrary to bikes, skidoos, houses, etc...

Given the fact that we're going through a very unusual period where there's so much money everywhere and people are spending like they all got AIDS and have only 6 months to live, I need your help. 

Because everything eventually goes back to the mean, what should happen after this? What will be the occasion for investors? When things are abnormal, there's always an occasion coming. But I can't see what will be this occasion... HELP ME TO SEE CLEARLY. 

2 commentaires:

  1. I can only say focus on the eternal now...the present moment because the present moment creates the future. With Uranus (freedom) squaring Saturn repression) things will be in an uproar for quite awhile now.

    But we are all going to live forever anyway so who cares...just sit back and enjoy the show. We're all creating it by the way we think and feel so we are all responsible for what is happening right now.

    Hope this helps...

  2. I sold my house in Brampton for $250,000 OVER asking, in 6 hours. I sold my 18 ft bow rider boat for OVER asking in 2 hours. I did have to pay full price on a tractor for the new place, and, a trailer. I am sure they were overpriced as well. Things are nutso