mercredi 12 mai 2021

Being hurt by the exchange rate

The last days have been hard on my portfolio. But, more than the performance of certain stocks, the exchange rate is probably what had the more impact on my portfolio over the last months.

In november 2020, we could buy 0,76USD with one CAD

In February, we could buy 0,79USD with one CAD

Today, we can buy 0,83USD with one CAD

That's a 9% difference in only 6 months. So, if your portfolio is mainly made of american stocks, you've probably took a hit. Like me.

But, what is better? Being on the best market of the world and being exposed to some short term turbulations or being on the canadian market and having very little choice for great companies?

I'm on my way of underperforming the market this year, mostly because of the exchange rate. But, whatever. In the long run, such things as exchange rate and dividends don't matter. 

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