mardi 1 juin 2021

A Donville Kent stock that checks all their growth boxes and checks none of my boxes

 Some of you may have received that email:


Dear Friends,

Ask Jesse Gamble what his favourite stock is right now and he won’t miss a beat. The Senior VP & Portfolio Manager at Donville Kent Asset Management is pumped about this software company that checks all his growth boxes.


What's that stock? It's Vitalhub (VHI.V). A 128 million dollars cap stock. What do they do? 

Vitalhub Corp., together with its subsidiaries, develops technology solutions for health and human service providers in the hospital, regional health authority, mental health, long term care, home health, and community and social service sectors in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Its solutions include electronic healthcare record, case management, care coordination, patient flow and operational visibility, and DOCit mobile apps. Vitalhub Corp. is based in Toronto, Canada.

And what about their numbers? 

ROE: negative

Profit margin: negative

Beta: 1,5

EPS 2018: -0,10$

EPS 2019: -0,04$

EPS 2020: -0,08$

Sales growth: only positive point (up 56% from 2018 to 2020)

Dilution: massive from 2018 to 2020 (+100% shares)

I wouldn't touch that fucking stock with a pole. First of all, because it's a fucking micro cap. You have 9 chances out of 10 to do bad with such a market cap. I know because I've lost a lot of money with that kind of stocks. 

Then, they don't make money. Then, they dilute a lot their float. Then, it's so fucking easy for an  investment firm to pump a micro cap stock. You just have to excite a few people and the needle moves on the stock you recommended. You can't do that when you recommend Google or Apple. 

I don't fucking understand how people who manage other's people money would invest money in any fucking micro cap listed on the fucking venture. I don't even do that with my own money. 

Good for them (and their clients) if they're right and I'm wrong. Actually, I hope they're right because I have nothing to gain from other people failure. But I guess that I'm a bit disappointed that, after all these mistakes on the venture, Donville Kent would have learned to stay away.

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  1. I owned that fucker back in 2017 around .30 Then i saw and interview with the CEO. Just a clueless pumper and a douchebag. Sell.