samedi 25 septembre 2021

All 10 provinces

Being a supercanadian who has visited at least one city in each of all 10 provinces, I suppose that I’ve reached a level of wisdom that few people have reached. And that wisdom must be shared.

I must repeat that the only province that I dislike is still New Brunswick. The other 9 provinces had something that appeals to me, some more than the others, of course.

First of all, I declare that, on the architectural and cultural level, eastern provinces are more interesting than western provinces. For instance, cities from Manitoba to British Columbia are usually less beautiful than cities in the east. There are exceptions of course, but Halifax or St-John’s easily beat Calgary or Regina. Actually, Halifax and St-John’s are probably two of the most beautiful cities in Canada and they have a spirit that is not present everywhere in the country of Glass Tiger.

I still have beautiful places to see in Canada. For instance, I’d love to visit Cape Breton Island, some national parks in Nunavut and Yukon, I’d like to see Victoria which appeals to me a lot, I’d like to see Fundy Bay which is probably the only interesting thing in New-Brunswick. I haven’t seen Edmonton but I don’t think I need to see it before I die even if we learned at school that West Edmonton Mall was such an incredible shopping mall with water slides. I guess that the little boy inside of me is dead. 

However, the problem with North America is that it’s just one big uniform culture with 350 million people who speak only English (or Spanish in some parts of the States) and shop at Walmart. The only cultural shock you’ll get is if you come to Quebec and never heard people speaking French before. But apart from that, people from Quebec are exactly the same as you: they shop at the same places and they eat the same things. The biggest difference is that they understand you when you talk in English and you don’t understand them because you only know one language. But it’s just a matter of language. Apart from that, most of us want abortion for our females and don’t want murderers to be killed on the electric chair. 

Also, It’s impossible to eat a pangolin or a bat in North America and that’s what makes us all the same.

I dream of a country with dozen of different languages, religions and political regimes.

I dream of something like the Balkans in 1913. 

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  1. Cher M. Canada: today is your lucky day; I'm going to save you some $$. Who doesn't like free $$? If you thought Vancouver was ugly and full of drug addicts, pls don't visit Victoria. You're welcome. JDV.

  2. Except the balkans started shooting themselves and shooting each other and haven't paused for very long in 108 years. We are too quiet and boring for that.

    Victoria is a homeless hell hole, with a bunch of retirees drinking tea on their bent grass terraces looking down on the unwashed.