lundi 18 octobre 2021

Inmode ltd (INMD)

My friend Vicario recently told me about Inmode ltd (INMD), a name I never heard about before.

That company offers minimally-invasive products and procedures, such as liposuction and ablative skin rejuvenation treatments. In other words, they help woman who feel old and ugly to feel younger and more desirable. 

With Instagram, Facebook and all these things that put a lot of emphasis on beautiful girls, it's sure that this company has a bright future. Even girls love to watch beautiful girls (probably to be jealous). 

Anyway, the day Vicario told me about INMD, the stock was about 10-12% up on good estimates for the year to come. 

I took a look at the stock and I was amazed:

Profit margin: 44% (that's almost the margins of Visa and Mastercard!)

ROE: 48

Debt level: Very low

Free cash flows: Super great (they were almost multiplied by 6 between 2017 and 2020!)

EPS 2017: 0,14$ 

EPS 2020: 0,89$

Of course, such numbers come with a high price. The forward PE is about 38. 

But that's a fucking lamborghini. It seems to me like a fair price to pay for a lamborghini. 

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