jeudi 17 mars 2022

Disney brand

Markets are still down a lot and so is my portfolio. But that's OK. I stopped watching at markets over the last weeks (not entirely, but way more less). 

I was in Florida at the beginning of march. I went to Disney parks and spent a lot of money there. It was fun but exhausting and expensive. Also, these parks are huge COVID pools. People without masks everywhere, touching everything. 

But it made me realize how strong the brand Disney is. Even though Disney makes everything to get every dollar we have:

  • 150$ US for one entry, for every person over 3 years old;
  • 25$ parking (you can't get close to the park without a taxi, a bus or a parking);
  • Food is really expensive (5$ for a Coke, 6$ for a small Ice Cream);
  • Souvenirs are very expensive too (25$ for a small Mickey Mouse);
  • A large part of some parks is there to simply make more money from visitors (for instance, more than 50% of Epcot Center is made of restaurants and boutiques).

I personnaly think that it's too much. Given the fact that a family of 4 people already pays more than 625$ US for a single day at a park without eating or buying anything, I feel that Disney abuses. But that's just my opinion because the parks are full. 

And that's why owning Disney shares makes a lot of sense. The brand is extremely strong and many families dream of living a superficial experience there instead of going to India and catch malaria. 

And I'm pretty sure that this won't change before a long time, because the castle of Magic Kingdom, the big tree of Animal Kingdom, the Star Wars stuff of Hollywood studios and the big ball of Epcot Center are mythical symbols. You can't do otherwise than asking yourself how many hundred million dollars they've invested to build these parks. 

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  1. Damn, over too weeks without a blog. I thought you went to Ukraine to fight the war.
    No problem, Disney would be my second choice!

  2. je commençais à avoir peur que Epam t'avait fait faire une crise cardiaque...