mercredi 23 mars 2022

Portfolio review (march 23rd 2022)

Some people seemed to think that the recent drop in the markets affected me and caused my absence in march. While I may sometimes write things that may suggest that my portfolio's performance affects me, in reality, it's not the case. 

I was on vacation and thinking about many other things than the stock market. Actually, for the last month, I haven't watch the market that much because I had no more money to invest. What's the use of being tempted without the possibility of doing something?

Apart from that, I'm much more concerned about my health and my kids health than about my portfolio. 

Nobody's supposed to die, but there are some concerning stuff that makes me think a lot about the future. 

When you invest money, you're excited about the future. Things are supposed to be better in the future. But with health problems, you're worried about the future. Things are supposed to be worse in the future. So, my appreciation of the future has changed a lot recently. I'm fucking angry and sad and full of hate for god (which doesn't exist, by the way). 

Fuck you god, for doing nothing. Because you don't exist. 

Anyway, let's forget all that stuff and let's put a grin on our face and talk about my portfolio. Because that's what matters the most after all. Who gives a shit about my life and yours? We need information, not emotions. 


Stocks in portfolio: 20

Cash position: -4% (use of margin)

Average ROE: 40

Average forward PE: 27

Portfolio performance YTD: -15,5%

S&P500 performance YTD: -6%

It's not a good year at all so far. 

3 commentaires:

  1. God does exist and He is good. I know. Life is a series of lessons and most people are deceived. We are to REPENT-change your way of living.
    FAITH- commitment to Christ
    OBEY- listen and do as He does.
    You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Just start to believe and trust Jesus.

  2. Stockmarket-wise, my portfolio is up 3.76 percent so far this year, thanks mainly to my Brookfield holdings as well as my energy stocks (WCP, TOU, TPZ)

    As for the God question, I'm firmly in the camp of the New Thought writers (favorites being Neville Goddard and Dr. Joseph Murphy) but the message is basically the same from all of them...God, Allah, Jehovah, the Great Spirit, The Eternal Parent and whatever is your 'Awareness of being'...

    In other words God is within you, me and everyone but of course many of the religions would argue about that. Man has distorted the original message much like what happens today with the so-called news which is really just a lot of propaganda...

    the way I see it anyway...