lundi 11 avril 2022

Some concerns about Facebook

Facebook is really cheap now. Plus, they have no debt and lots of cash. 

But, if we forget the numbers that investors like to see, who's still active on Facebook?

I thought about that yesterday, and I realized that probably 90% of my Facebook friends aren't active anymore. They post a family picture twice a year and they share stuff about gofundme when one of their relatives has a disease. That's about it.

Of course, Facebook is more than Facebook. It includes Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp... But are them really a trend?

So, in retrospective, as cheap as Facebook may be, I have some trouble to see interesting growth there. It's mature and, not exciting anymore. 

Is it the new ICQ? 

6 commentaires:

  1. 1/3 of the planet are apparently active monthly users... find me another company with this kind of network/reach. I'll wait.

    1. There would be way more users if Facebook wasn't banned in China and other countries. Also, there's still a large population who don't have access to internet.

  2. Tik tok
    1/3 of facebook users
    1 billion vs 3.5 billions

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  4. I hardly used Facebook again until I recently discovered Marketplace. I'm now on Marketplace every day. TikTok is popular but it's tiresome to always make videos. People just want to post a photo a lot of the time.