mardi 10 mai 2022

"Blood on the streets"... ?

I just come back from a 2 weeks trip through Europe. 

I've been in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Netherlands. I've sung in a few karaoke. I've seen the mark of communism. I've met a lot of 20 years old kids who become my friends on Instagram. Most of them were pot-heads in Amsterdam. 

And now, I'm back with super red markets. I realize that I was so much richer a few months ago. Like, a few hundred thousand dollars richer. But I don't care, because what I like the most about the stock market is that kind of period.

It's a "Only the strong survive" situation. Weak people sell everything or exit the market. 

Experienced people do nothing or invest more money. 

The only problem is that these recent travels, my roof's refection and my scooter acquisition cost a lot of money and I can't really take advantage of that big drop. I hope you can. Because that's exactly the kind of period that will accentuate your performance during the next 5 years. 

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  1. While macro challenges are always of concern, time has shown us that the best option for long-term investors is to stay the course—owning great businesses for long periods of time is the key to wealth creation.

    Bruce Flatt, CEO of Brookfield Asset Management