jeudi 19 mai 2022

Living among humans

Living among humans is complicated and frustrating. 

I don't really like most of the people around me. I don't hate them, but I'm indifferent or I dislike probably 75% of the people I meet. And when I like somebody, they like me maybe 50% of the time, which leaves me with a little percentage of success in my new relations. 

Please note that these percentages can't be documented with scientific data.  

More thant that, I could live the rest of my life without seeing again most of the people that I call my friends. Because I'm not sure that I really need them.

The problem is that I can't be completely alone. I need some people around me from time to time. But I think that if I had an infinite reservoir of interesting people, I would gladly go from one person to another for the reste of my life. 

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