jeudi 13 octobre 2022

Portfolio review (october 13th, 2022)

It's been almost 7 months since the last portfolio review. I guess it shows how much importance I've put on investing over the last months. 

Even if investing is not that important for me these days, I wish I had more money to invest. If I had 50 000$ right now, I would probably invest all of it in a few of my stocks. But it's not the case. I've had too many expenses this year to be able to invest a big percentage of my earnings. And I mostly want to reimburse my margin, because interests are higher and higher. 

The year has probably been tough on most of investors. It's been a bit tough for me too, but after almost 15 years of investing, I'm not that sensible anymore to market swings. 

I'm much more sensible to specific stock swing. Like a Valeant swing in 2015, for instance.

So, here's a few numbers: 

Number of stocks: 20

Average ROE: 42

Average FWD PE: 20

Top 2 positions: 25% of the portfolio

Performance YTD: -25%

S&P500 Performance YTD: -21%

How's it been for you?

2 commentaires:

  1. I'm down 9.37 percent for the year as of this weekend but I have lost alot of money in the past month. It's not fun but that's the markets.

    I think its important to stay focused on the businesses of the companies you own and their management teams. And try to tune out the media who are full of all hype and fear and are more concerned with advertising revenue then actually reporting the news.

    Ignore all predictions because nobody knows what is going to happen and maybe take a walk and enjoy the fall colours...There's more to life than what the stock market is doing...

  2. Dear Penetrator and Gavin,
    Thank you for sharing your performance. I am glad you guys are holding on.

    My portfolio is not doing well either. I think I might no longer be break even at this point (I switched brokers in 2021 and did not keep precise records).

    I was able to add about half of my take-home pay to the portfolio this year.
    My portfolio still dropped by 18.68% YTD. TTM is even worse, where I am down 32.89%.

    I have 20 stocks and 3 mutual funds.

    The numbers from September were:
    ROE 17.63%
    forward PE 14.29

    My top pics for 2022 are not doing well either - I cannot wait for Penetrator's bollocking during this year's recapitulation in December/January.

    TSE:CTS dropped from 10.78 to 6.52 = -40%
    TSE:ENGH dropped from 46.75 to 28.39 = -39%
    TSE:CSU dropped from 2290.01 to 1829.77 = -20%
    TSE:ATD increased from 51.58 to 57.65 = +12%
    TSE:BAM.A dropped from 75.41 to 52.64 = -30%

    YTD top picks returns of -23%.

    Good luck in the markets!