samedi 8 avril 2023

Buying a Toyota - Another great allegory from me

Sometimes, I have discussions about the stock market with Jason Del Vicario and Leo (formerly behind the website 

Sometimes, Vicario gets emotional (excited about a stock or disdainful about another stock) and I don't understand that because I've lost most of my emotions about these things (stocks). Of course, I don't understand why some people buy mining stocks or gas stocks. But I don't care about that. If they're my friends, I try to warn them about the risks related to these stocks but if they want to keep them and they're excited about owning some shitty stocks, that's their problem. I'll focus on my own problems and let them live with theirs. 

For instance, Vicario likes some specific gambling stock and probably thinks that I'm crazy for not buying it one or two years ago. I don't like that fucking industry full of crooks and money laundering. I've had my share of problems with Valeant which was in a "clean industry". I don't need to go where it stinks. 

Truth is, we never know when a stock is truly good or truly bad. All we know is that some industries are better than others. For instance, softwares are definitely better than natural resources (much better margins, much better ROE, much less impacted by the economy and they usually have a moat which isn't there for natural resources). 

The trick is to know that and fish in the right pond. Even then, we'll get bad fishes, but at least, risk is lower. It's like buying a Toyota instead of buying a Jeep. If you've done your due diligence, you'll know that you'll probably have many problems with a Jeep while you'll be able to keep your Toyota for 15 years without almost any problems. 

There's no fucking easy recipe or screaming buy. I repeat it and I'm more and more convinced about that as time passes. Buy I try to buy as many Toyotas as I can. 

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