dimanche 31 décembre 2023

Penetrator's portfolio performance in 2023

Yes indeed, 2023 is already over: A year full of fun, sadness, despair, hope, shit, travels and many more. A year full of mixed emotions and my lowest contribution to this site since I don't know when. Maybe I should just take a look at the right bar of the menu of my blog to know since when. 

For my portfolio, it's been the best year ever. The portfolio is up 45%.  

The S&P did exaclty half of that: 22,4%. 

When you own a considerable portfolio, that kind of performance makes a huge difference. 

However, during the last days, I reduced some positions because the stock market is at an all-time high and experience has told me that it's always wise to have a lot of cash left when the market is high. 

It may take 2, 6 or 9 months, but the stock market will go down by at least 10% sooner or later and many stocks wil go down even more than that during that period because the same news don't have the same effect on every stock.

And it's always during these periods that it's time to buy stocks. You can go wrong when you buy a specific stock that goes down but you can't go wrong when your favorite stock goes down along with the market. 

So, I'll start 2024 with a cash position of 8.8% of my total portfolio. That's not super high but that's gonna be enough to benefit from what god will offer me. Yes, god, the non-existent creature that lives nowhere. 

Penetrator: Absent but performing. 

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    1. That's quite a performance Penetrator, and your not even a congressman.
      For myself I was up 13.56 percent on the year but I was under water for most of it. I'm heavily weighted towards the Brookfield family of companies (BN, BAM, BIP.UN and BEP.UN).

      As I'm retired (lost my job in 2009 in my late fifties) I have to tilt my RRSP holdings towards dividend income. I bought SJ at the low and sold it at the top so it wasn't all bad for me. I do hold some interesting growth stocks (DSG and ATS).

      As for God (the Godhead, the great Spirit, the Eternal Parent), try to think of this as your 'Awareness of being'. Neville Goddard and Emmet Fox have some interesting things to say about God.

      Anyway we'll see what 2024 holds in store...Happy New Year to everyone out there...

    2. Gavin, no doubt you remember Larry King the talk show host? He interviewed thousands of people during his very long career. He has a story about interviewing ArchBishop Makarios of Cyprus. As you may know, Larry King was an atheist. When he shared his view of the big picture with ArchBishop Makarios...Makarios looked at him completely incredulous. He pointed at Larry King himself and he said: LOOK AT YOU! YOU HAVE A BODY...A BRAIN...A HEART...CONSCIOUSNESS...YOU JUST HAPPENED??? YOU JUST CAME TOGETHER WITHOUT SOME HIGHER POWER OR CREATIVE DESIGN? YOU JUST HAPPENED???!!! your intelligence was not a product of some higher intelligence...it just came together just like that from matter. You just happened. We know some mind created a watch, but you just happened.

  2. you are wrong!
    God exists and He is good!