vendredi 31 octobre 2014

Thank you so much Jason! (The benefits of being a stealer).

October has been a pretty fucking awesome month for my portfolio.
For the biggest part of 2014, almost nothing happened. I was a little disappointed about it because I like to make money and I also like to think that I’m a good investor. But as nothing happened, I felt like all the juice has been extracted from the oranges.
But life is full of surprises. From july 31th to october 31th, my portoflio has grown by almost 18%. Since the beginning of the year, the growth has been around 20%, which is very good after the incredible year that 2013 has been (about 50% growth for my portfolio).
So, I’m still good at stealing other's best ideas. And of course, most of my best investments are due to Jason Donville and his marvelous approach to investing. Thank you Jason, I don’t fucking know how much of my wealth is due to you, but it’s a lot. I’ve made a lot of cash lately with Cipher Pharma and with every thousand dollars that was added to the value of my shares, I've had a little thought for you and said a little prayer to the god of mercantilism.
I’ve read books by (or about) Stephen Jarislowsky, Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, Joel Greenblatt and some other so-called investing genius, but nothing has been as good to my investment life as copying what Jason Donville has recommended as his top picks.
Forget everything society has learned you about honor, intelligence or some other bullshit. In life, what you should do is to copy the best people and analyze what they do or recommend. You remember the movie « Catch me if you can » with Leonardo DiCaprio? Until the guy get caught, he had a lot of success at imitating other people and he had a much more exciting life than almost all the assholes out there (including you and me).  Same thing with Led Zeppelin where the fucking guitarist stole a lot of riffs from other people. 

Copy great people is so fucking good. You can become rich by being an excellent stealer. Try to teach that to your children as soon as possible because if they realize this at 45, they’ll have spoiled too many years to take advantage of this great truth about existence.
So, here’s my portfolio on october 31, 2014 :
CAN (64,6%)
Cipher Pharma  (healthcare) : 13,1%
Constellation Software (softwares) : 10,1%
Rifco (financials) : 9,5%
Valeant (healthcare): 7,9%
Carfinco (financials): 7,7%
CGI group (IT consulting): 6,6%
Alimentation Couche-Tard (convenience stores) : 6,2%
High Arctic Energy Services (oilfield services) : 1,9%
NTG clarity Networks : (IT consulting) : 1,7%

US (29,2%)
Mallinckrodt (healthcare) : 6,7%
Portfolio recovery (financials) : 6,2%
Dollar Tree (dollar stores) : 3,9%
Ross Stores (discount stores) : 3,5%
Precision Castparts (aeronotics) : 3%
Gilead (healthcare) : 3%
Dorman Products (auto parts) : 3%

CASH : 6,2%

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