lundi 9 mars 2015

Healthcare stocks, once again

The appreciation of the S&P 500 is almost flat since the beginning of the year. However, some healthcare stocks have performed very well.
I have three stocks in my portfolio that dit well since the beginning of 2015. Each of those have recently made a big acquisition that have had a nice impact in the value and price of the shares.
I’m still convinced that the best thing somebody could do is to constitute a portfolio of 10-15 great healthcare stocks. You’ll get a low beta, predicable earnings and almost certainly a general long term appreciation.
Don’t buy stocks with promising products but no earnings. Buy stocks that have a lot of cash and generate a lot of cash.
Here’s my three companies that performed well and have made a big acquisition in the last 2 weeks :
Valeant : 50% appreciation since the beginning of 2015 (Salix : 14,6B$ acquisition recently)
Concordia Healthcare : 40% appreciation since the beginning of 2015 (Ikaria : 1,2B$ acquisition recently)
Mallinckrodt 23% appreciation since the beginning of 2015 (2,3B$ acquisition recently)
And here’s two other stocks in which I still have a lot of confidence for the year ahead : Gilead (GILD) and Cipher Pharma (CPH.TO). They haven’t made an acquisition yet, but it may be the case soon. They both have a very high ROE and a lot of money in hand.

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