jeudi 19 mars 2015

Let's pump two new purchases

Hi there dear investors from all around Canada. From Yellowknife to St-Raymond de Portneuf. You, cupid assholes.

Today, I've made two brand new purchases. I've bought two companies that are unknown to a lot of investors out there. You have to go to stockchase dot shit to see some analysts talk about these but you won't see a lot of opinions.

By the way, even Jason Donville has stated an opinion about these stocks lately. He was positive. And what I've read on the Internet about these stocks makes me positive too.

Callidus Capital (CBL.TO)

Market cap: 830 millions $
Forward PE ratio: 10
Industry: Financial services to companies that have difficulties
Very strong growth
Jason rating: buy
% of my portfolio: about 1,5%

Novartis Health (NHC.TO)

Market cap: 250 millions $
Forward PE ratio: 11
Industry: Healthcare services (they've recently bought an hospital in the US)
Very strong growth
Jason rating: speculative buy
% of my portfolio: about 2%

I now have 16 stocks in my portfolio. I've tried hard to find something to sell because I try not to exceed 15 stocks in my portfolio. But I couldn't find anything to sell. And I wanted to have small positions in these two stocks to begin. You never follow something too close until you invest in it.

So, let's follow these two stocks. I'm pretty confident that at least one of these two will get very good results in the next weeks. 

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