mardi 30 juin 2015

Jason Donville on BNN (june 30th, 2015)

Happy Canada day, you capitalists out there. I have some great information to offer you if you're too lazy to watch all this online, on BNN website.

We all know that canadians are lazy. The government takes care of everything for us, so why not let Penetrator take care of you by vomiting directly in your throat in a few seconds what Jason Donville has said in about an hour? Why should you waste a precious time that you could spend playing Angry Birds?

So, Jason Donville was on BNN today.

First of all, one of the most valuable information that you could get to reproduce great performance is a portfolio review. Here's the top 5 of Jason Donville's fund which has been published on Market Call:

1- Concordia Healthcare: 12,1%
2- Constellation Software: 10,8%
3- CGI: 8,2%
4- Enghouse: 6%
5- Patient Home Monitoring: 4,6%

Where is Valeant?

And now, here's some of Jason's recommandations (not all of his opinions, but the most interesting to me):

TOP PICK 1: Constellation Software (CSU.TO)
TOP PICK 2: CRH Medical (CRH.TO)
TOP PICK 3: Tucows (TC.TO)

Buy recommandation: Couche-Tard
Buy recommandation: CGI
Buy recommandation: Patient Home Monitoring
Buy recommandation: Nobilis Health

Don't buy: Callidus Capital
Don't buy: Knight Therapeutics
Don't buy: Amaya Gaming Group
Don't buy: Directcash payment

Watch list : Ten peaks coffee (TPK.TO)

My comments: Even if it had a correction, I don't feel that Constellation Software should be a top pick. It's still pretty expensive (about 26 times next year earnings) I don't think either that Couche-Tard is a buy at current level because it's expensive too. However, I think that CGI and Nobilis Health deserve a buy rating.

I also believe that Callidus Capital is worth a look. It's pretty cheap these days and the last results were pretty good in my opinion. I don't understand Jason comments about it ("too much of he said or she said and a little too like Amaya..."). I also believe that Knight Therapeutics deserves some attention. I don't know if it's a buy or a hold, but they got a shitload of money and their CEO (previously Paladin's CEO) is a great manager. All in all, I own a small position of both these companies and believe that they should be on anybody's watch list.

Finally, Ten Peaks Coffee is very interesting but it's very small and as said before, I'm less and less interested in very small caps. But it still looks very good. You should take a look at it too and I would be interested to get some comments about it.

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