dimanche 12 juillet 2015

The nightmare is over

Did you ever have a boss who disliked you and most of the people with whom he worked?

That was my case until recently and I was so upset that I thought very seriously about retirement or any kind of reorientation. I didn't feel safe at all because that guy moved everyone around him. In about a year, he moved about 50 people and he said some nasty things to me about others and some other nasty things about myself to me directly.

Like: "Out of ten, I'd give you 4/10 for your intellectual capacities or 3/10 for your team management. "

That was pretty fucked up: the guy who didn't know what was the name of the members of The Beatles saying to me that I lack intelligence (OK, knowledge and intelligence aren't the same) or the guy who couldn't get along with anybody telling me that I couldn't manage a team.

I'm pretty happy to have gotten a better job with nice people. I'm still a little upset about all the things he said to me. But well, I'm back to a more normal attitude: I still want to retire as soon as possible, but my mind is way lighter now. In other words, I can breathe easier now.

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