mercredi 16 décembre 2015

Valeant going to zero

Not so long ago, in a galaxy very close, many people thought it was the end for Valeant. "Sell before it's too late because that stock is going to zero!" Then, the stock became oversold like nothing before. The stock was like a fucking jar full of AIDS.

Many fuckers out there, like some columnists or investors were very proud to tell us: "We have always said that Valeant was toxic!" I thought to myself: "Fuck you asshole. You're simply using that crazy panic to try to convince us that you're a good investor and that we should put our money in your hands."

Because it's like trying to tell us that these people are good investors and could predict huge drops. FUCK YOU. It's so fucking easy to write some shit about all the companies in which you've never invested when a panic comes out of nowhere. I could do that all the time. Each week, there's a company that goes down a lot.

But I don't have any services to sell to stupid people, so I don't need to do that.

I have to admit that I was a bit nervous when that panic happened. But I never thought one second that Valeant would be a majestic fraud. However, there was maybe a small or medium fraud in there, I was not so sure. I'm still not 100% sure.

Today, Mike Pearson, the CEO, released some guidance for Valeant. And some people are crazy enough to tell that these projections are disappointing. Disappointing regarding what? Regarding what was expected? OK, maybe a little. But regarding the actual price of the shares? Regarding that, the guidance is fucking awesome. We have a stock that is selling about 11-12 times this year's earnings and about 9 times next year earnings. You just have to check the 30% increase in EPS from 2015 to 2016 to see that that stock isn't fucking going to zero.

2015: EPS of 10,30$ per share VS EPS of 11,75$ expected
2016: EPS of 13,50$ VS EPS of about 14,30$ expected

You may dislike Valeant. You're perfectly entitled to. But these numbers show us a company that's doing well, not a company that's bleeding to death.

Don't forget that not more than one or two months ago, thousands of people were convinced that Valeant was going to zero. A lot of people tried to get some exposure during the panic and I've hated that.

I think I'm writing to them actually. Fuck you once again.

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  1. Agreed with you and Bill... But there was bad communication plan when the Citron Research team attacked...Following Hilary & Congress comments, there was a lot of heat on the same plate in the same time...

    The female Viagra seems to be another wrong investment. 1B for a small return, but the deal with Walgreen Booth will improve profit from other medics by increasing volume even taking care of allowed discounts.

    But I prefer Concordia going forward!

    Do you plan a portfolio update soon? It will be interesting to compare our biggest holdings 3 months later.

    BTW Jason was on BNN on Christmas eve last year, so I think we can expect to see him next week or the following week.


  2. Yeah, a portfolio update is coming before the end of the year.

    I was also thinking about Jason appearance on BNN last year, on 23 or 24th of december...

  3. It's official, Jason is scheduled next Wednesday, December 23, 2015, 18:00 !

    Stay tuned for a bunch of recommendations to put under the Christmas tree ;-)

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  5. Concordia healthcare, CRH Medical and Freehold royalties were his top 3 picks this year...