dimanche 20 décembre 2015

Performance of 40 stocks from january 1st to december 18th 2015

2015 has been a crappy year. Not crappy in the way that 2008 and 2009 have been, but crappy enough to say that 2015 sucked.

I've written a list of best and worst performing stocks for 2015. I'm amazed at the huge drop of some stocks I've owned this year. Luckily, I've sold most of them before the biggest part of the drop happened. But I've lost a lot of money anyway. So I'm not so joyful about the performance of my portfolio which should be between -5% and 0% this year.

It must have been a difficult year for Donville Kent too because there's a lot of bad performing stocks among Jason Donville's usual picks. Just take a look at Valeant, Patient Home Monitoring, Home Capital Group, Pulse Seismic,  Delphi Energy... A true shit storm.

Here's a list of some canadian and american stocks. The performance of each stock is written to show how bad the year has been for many. Take note that the list only refers to stock's price from january 1st to december 18th 2015. So, for instance, Valeant's drop doesn't consider the fact that the stock was 346$ in august 5th then 94$ in november 17th.

Positive yield stocks:
Netflix: 142%
Smith and Wesson: 125%
Amazon: 114%
Constellation Software: 69%
Delta Airlines: 63%
Stella Jones: 60%
Dollarama: 33%
Alimentation Couche-Tard: 28%
CGI Group: 25%
Nobilis Health: 25%
CRH medical: 24%
Allergan: 19%
Ross Stores: 12%
Concordia Healthcare: 10%
Dollar Tree: 8%
Gilead: 8%
TJX: 1%

Negative yield stocks:
Wells Fargo: -2%
Apple: -4%
MTY Food Group: -6%
Badger Daylighting: -7%
IBM: -16%
Exxon: -16%
Carmax: -20%
Valeant: -22%
American Express: -27%
Patient Home Monitoring: -30%
Pulse Seismic: -30%
Portfolio Recovery: -39%
Sears Holdings: -41%
Biosyent: -42%
Home Capital Group: -43%
Polaris: -44%
Michael Kors: -47%
Delphi Energy: -47%
AutoCanada: -50%
Callidus Capital: -53%
Cipher Pharma: -63%
Rifco: -63%
King's College (formerly Loyalist Group): -99%

For those liking the magic formula, we now have the possibility to buy some great high ROE stocks that have low PE ratio (Apple, IBM, Valeant, Polaris, Michael Kors).

P.S. There's someone using my name on stockhouse. It's not me, obviously. I'm not writing anywhere but here.

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