mardi 16 février 2016

15 great or good companies from Quebec

I may come from Quebec, I'm not so inclined toward my so-called distinct culture. I've never thought that Quebecers were better than Canadians in any way, except maybe for hockey players (in the 70's or the 80's). And Celine Dion may have sold something like 11 billion records all over the galaxy, she sucks cunt compared to Rush in the great book about history of music.

Yeah, Celine Dion has a great voice but she sings like a woman. Geddy Lee is a man and he sings like a girl. Now, that's an achievement.

Even if Quebec looks in many ways as the retard big brother of many canadian provinces, I have to say that there's probably more great companies listed on the TSX coming from Quebec than from the rest of Canada.

Here's a list of some great and good companies that have their headquarters located in Quebec (mostly in the Montreal area). The performance of each stock over the last 5 years is indicated to show that I'm not bullshitting.

Great companies:

Alimentation Couche-Tard (520%)
Dollarama (403%)
Stella Jones (388%)
Valeant (211%)
Metro (175%)
CGI Group (180%)
Richelieu Hardware (129%)
Gildan (122%)
Canadian National (118%)
Jean Coutu (96%)

Good companies:

Logistec (262%)
Lassonde (136%)
MTY Food Group (89%)
Saputo (88%)
Bank of Montreal (21%)

Why are Logistec and Lassonde ranked in the "Good companies" instead of "Great companies" given their performance? Well, their ROE is not as high as the others and their market cap is smaller too. Which means that they're not blue chips, or something approaching a blue chip. But somebody else could have ranked them in the "Great companies" list.

Anyway, I'd buy all these stocks long before 95% of what's on the stock market. A portfolio with all these top 15 Quebec stocks would surely do well over the next 5 years. Because most of these stocks are long term performers.

Did I forget some great/good companies?

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  1. Here is a good one. Headquartered in Montreal. Good cause of the size. Other than that its been kicking ass and the outlook is great.

    PLI (1468.75%)

    I'm sure I could come up with more but got to get ready to work a string of cock sucking night shifts.

    1. Their track record and profits aren't adequate to put them in the good or great category in my opinion.

  2. Overlooked Amaya +703%, PWF, QBR.B
    BMO HQ'd at First Canadian Place in TORONTO? I think not, maybe you mean NA which is flat.

    1. BMO real headquarters are in Montreal but main activites are in Toronto. Valeant is a similar case (HQ in Montreal but main activities somewhere else).

  3. Really? I don't see what's so good about this company.

  4. Well a stock performance of 39% per year for the last 3 years = +169% + dividends is better than "normal" Co.
    Don't you agree?

  5. Yes but I didn't use performance as a criteria. Because many stocks can have a crazy performance without having any earnings (amzn, tsla). I don't see anything great in UNS except for the performance of the stock.

    But I haven't made an extensive research...

  6. Don't forget they were spending a lot of energy to fix their ERP integration (SAP) and on their US acvities... until Icahn purchased their US distribution unit excluding painting ops...

    Sales and EPS should be analyzed excluding those Revenues, expenses and profits...