samedi 13 février 2016

The next book about successful investors

What strikes me, reading "Market Masters", is that most of the investors in the book are probably millionaires.

It's obvious that Jason Donville is a millionaire, but what about those lesser known names that don't get any media exposure? I've never heard about most of them. OK, I haven't heard about a thousand entrepreneurs that are millionaires too. Which means that I don't know each single millionaire in Canada.

But, what I mean is that:

A- I believe that very very few analysts and investors achieve good results. I've said it before, but on stockchase, we can easily see how much of these analysts make poor suggestions. I believe that, in Canada, there's less than 5 great investors having exposure. There may be more, but I haven't heard about them yet.
B- If there's so few great investors, why most of them look rich?
C- Probably because they all dress well, use Listerine, and know how to sell crap to their clients.

So, most of them are average investors, full of money and happier than you and me. Because money is happiness. All stays in the end is money. Yeah, forget about those classic movies with James Stewart such as "It's a wonderful life" in which family and friendship look more valuable than money. That's complete bullshit.

You have to accept what is written below even if it hurts:
  • After a few years with your wife or husband, he or she will gets on your nerves and you'll probably want to kill him or her. Usually, people tend to chose a softer way to evacuate their frustration, such as cheating;
  • Friends will come and go. You'll lose most of your childhood's friends (probably all of them) but you'll meet other people that will become your friends. You'll get tired of some of them and some of them will get tired of you. It's gonna be a cyclical thing until the end of your life;
  • Your parents will die and you'll understand that you are really alone;
  • Your kids will grow and you'll understand that they don't belong to you. Once they're adults, you'll see them much less often. They may find a stupid boyfriend or girlfriend and that'll disgust you. You'll be stucked with that. The precious flesh of your flesh being fucked by some retard.
  • Your job will sooner or later bore you. You may have an income of 25 000$ or 150 000$, the same will happen. Change your job and see how it will happen again and again...
  • Fuck, life is such a shitty moment. I long for the great sleep.
Wait a minute!

There's a lot of reasons for us to get down and suicidal. But we almost forget that there's money. And better than money, there's lots and lots of money.

Yeah, those average investors are richer and happier than us. But we surely can reach an acceptable level of wealth and happiness if we focus on that goal. We can stay clean and avoid to jump on that boat of selling crap to ignorant people. We can just save money and make the right investment choices (easier said than done) for 20 years of our lives. Then, after working for our money, our money will work for us.

The proof has been made: human interactions will make you unhappy and sad. If you get lots of money, you can find an isolate place to live your life (like Patagonia or Iceland), import some russian whores, grow weed, listen to old rock clasics all day long and live like a fucking animal until the end of your life. 

I want to be in the next book about successful investors. 

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  1. Can i ask? Why so much swearing? Obviously you are educated and intelligent, so is it necessary?

  2. It is liberating. And it makes investing more human.

  3. Penetrator....try reading some Neville Goddard


  4. it might, but even if it doesn't it will give you an alternate way to view reality.