samedi 17 juin 2017

Will Amazon swallow the world?

With the buying of Whole Food Market, Amazon shakes the world once again.

Metro and many other groceries were shaken by the news, as we could see on the market.

When AMZN was at 200 or 250$ on the market, I thought and I wrote that the stock was incredibly expensive. Today, it's selling for about 1000$ and it's still very expensive. But it's a great company and it won't go bankrupt. And it will surely continue to be expensive.

But who really buys everything on Amazon? Is there that much bargains on the site? I don't believe. Many many things are cheaper at Walmart and almost everything is cheaper at Costco. Ok, I buy the diapers for my baby on Amazon, but it's about the only thing I've bought via Amazon at an interesting price.

I may be wrong but I don't believe that Amazon will succeed in eveything it will try. I don't think the humans will buy everything online in the near future. For instance, I like to chose my apples when I go to the grocery. Come on, at least one apple out of two is bruised. I don't want to get a bag full of shitty apples via Amazon. And I like to see the "best before" on my yogurt. OK for cereals and that kind of stuff, but not fresh food. And there's plenty of other things I want to touch, feel or smell before buying them. Almost all my clothes bought online were a complete failure (too small or cheap clothing).

But maybe I'm alone. I'm a little autist you know, so I may be completely apart. Just like when I'm listening to some old Milli Vanelli song on my computer. 

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  1. People do not buy everything on Amazon so Amazon is now expanding into the brick and mortart world. This is the beginning of Amazon spreading into retail real estate and ultimately owning entire malls, show-rooming their massive inventories.

    1. Yeah but everything has it's limit and it looks like a lot of people believe that Amazon will succeed whatever it will do.