mercredi 12 juillet 2017

A little commercial for Del Vicario

My best friend will always be Robin. But Jason is a close second with his badass attitude. This summer, I'm supposed to go drink a lot of beers with him to see how solid he is. A superstar of the television is coming and I'm so excited. It's gonna be wild. It's gonna be dirty. It's gonna be full of sex. I can't wait.

Well, Jason Del Vicario was on BNN lately. And here's some of his picks:


CCL Industries
Inter Pipeline (not sure if it's really a buy but he likes the company)
MTY Food Group
New Flyer Industries
Novo Nordisk
Photon Control
Toronto Dominion

Top picks:

Ross Stores
iShares Barclays 20 years treasury bond

I'm not sure I understand all his picks. But how could anybody be bothered by my opinion? I can't even beat all those assholes that came to my blog and pick some crazy mongolian stocks as top picks for 2017. Almost everybody has done better than me.

I really need to get drunk and forget how bad I am.

I can't wait to shake his hand and let him touch me. Maybe that I'll get a bit of his superpowers and I'll become a better investor.

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  1. I would buy front row seat tickets to hear JDV explain to somebody who is picking stocks using the magic formula why Shopify is a great investment. It might be the last straw and Mr Magic Formula may get so triggered he buys into a sulfur mine in Mongolia instead. LOL

  2. RE: CRH Medical Corp 25% drop on Friday

    Anybody know what's going on? Worth buying after such a sharp correction?

  3. From 5i:

    There have been 'proposed' changes to medicade/medicare reimbursement rates, which will impact some CRH procedures. From Scotia, which has downgraded the stock yesterday as well "The CMS adopted new billing codes for upper and lower GI anesthesia services and revalued the codes. The new codes cut the base unit value for colonoscopy anesthesia to 4 from 5 units".
    This will give the shorts more firepower, and is negative, but note it is not yet final, and we have no confirmation from the company at this time. The stock reaction is likely appropriate, though, putting its risk/reward in line: thus we would do nothing here.

    1. Somebody was blasting Donville on an investing forum. Something about Donville having declared that this stock was going to $25 and wondering if he meant $2.50
      The colorful term used to describe him was: dingwad.
      You can't see this coming. The government is going to start paying LESS for these procedures. Margins will get squeezed.
      Another concern: somebody said that when CRH Medical buys even 51% of a new business unit, they declare 100% of its revenue and then all kinds of financial gymnastics occur in their adjustments. I'm getting flashbacks to Concordia and Valeant.

  4. Donvilles fund took a hit in June. I thought with he working at Home Capital that he would capitalize on the pullback. I wonder if that is what he held and if he sold out?

    Donville is an excellent investor but I wonder if he is now reverting back to the mean?

  5. Valeant...Concordia...Home Capital...CRH. These are staggering losses.
    More money is lost following these gurus than made. For the ride up they do not have as many followers as they do for the ride back down.

  6. Further to the post above, it's not hard to see a pattern with all the stocks mentioned in the healthcare space. With each, the co. garners attention with acquisition driven "profits" and revenue growth that seem too good to be true (vrx, concordia, nobilis and crh). Soon thereafter, since the key element of the business model is profiteering in a manner contrary to the public interest (even CRH is arguably billing the govt egregiously for a procedure performed by a nurse), the regulators inevitably get involved and either make it more difficult to do so through legislation (concordia and now CRH) or hearings/prosecutions (vrx). In this context it astounds me that anyone by late 2016/early 2017 thought that CRH was still a great investment opportunity. Way better places to grow your money without the risk of regulatory intervention.

    1. What is a fair valuation for CRH in your opinion? My average cost is a little more than $5, I am now wondering if it is time to take my money else where?

  7. A few things to unpack here - well done avoiding losing money on this one. The banks remain somewhat bullish arguing that medicaid (the program subject to the proposed funding adjustment) only constitutes 15% of CRH's revenues. But, their targets are continually coming in lower so even theyre bracing for weaker performance. I think there is risk for further downside when the new pricing program comes into effect.(it was a proposal released on Friday that caused the carnage) However, most of this is already built into the stock. While I wouldnt be a buyer here I think it is an ok hold as the valuation is much more reasonable on a PE/ROE basis and the growth trajectory is still there. Best bet is probably to lower exposure by selling some and adding to superior names.

  8. Thanks for your input, I'm down about 10% right now, going to see if there is a bounce on Monday to where i get out even. Still liking the long-term outlook even with the changes that may take place. But seems to be so much opportunity else where, will have to consider all possibilities.