lundi 31 juillet 2017

Earn easily 500-600$ more a year with your credit card

For a couple of years, I've been interested about offers of various credit cards companies. Because you can make a couple of hundred dollars against very little effort.

Some credit cards offer you something like 200 or 300$ of rewards at subscription. However, take note that, sometimes, you have to have a specific annual income (ex: 60 000$). But almost anybody can find an interesting credit card, given their profile.

Some of the best offers come from American Express, which is sad because that fucking card isn't accepted in a lot of places. But Walmart, Petro-Canada, Shell and Metro accept it. With these, you can buy sufficient stuff to help you to reach the minimum billing required to get your reward (sometimes you have to buy for a minimum of 750 or 1500$ over your first 3 months owning the card). 

Why wouldn't you take advantage of these companies that claim a 20% annual fees on poor and stupid people who don't reimburse their bill? Suck my cock, you motherfuckers. So, take one of these cards for a period under one year, claim your reward, cancel your card (save the annual fees that usually don't apply the first year), and go for another card. If you're astute, you'll get 500-600$ a year, without any fees. And that's the "normal person" way. If you're really into it and you want to bleed these credit cards companies, you'll do much better.

If you read a blog about investment, probably that you have a certain income and your free time is precious and isn't devoted to make 300$ more each year. That's how I am. Never closed to make a few extra bucks as long as it doesn't require too much time and effort.

If you're interested, here's a few resources to help you chose the best credit card given your situation.

There's many websites about credit cards, but here's a good one:

Then, lately, someone wrote to me to tell me about his website about credit cards. The website is interesting, and the person running it tells about how to travel for free (or almost), using rewards to get free nights at specific hotels. 

Don't say thank you. I live to give. 


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  1. Congrats to fellow Tucows investors. Stock is up over 10% today after announcing earnings yesterday evening.