jeudi 14 septembre 2017

The average price of your shares

A few years ago, Bernard Mooney wrote something about the average price of your shares as an indicator of the quality of your portfolio.

It's surely not the best way to evaluate a portfolio. After all, many stocks went from pricey to cheap overnight (AIG, Valeant, Blackberry and many many others). Nonetheless, usually, a pricey stock is better than a penny stock.

Only crazy fuckers will say that a penny stocks portfolio could be solid. I always face palm myself when I read people writing that they have some great fucking idea investing in a super new penny stock. All I can say is that you don't get lifetime products in a Dollarama. You can't prepare your retirement with products from a Dollarama. Because that's what penny stocks are: cheap worthless stuff, 9 times out of 10. If you consider yourself as a serious investor and a large part of your portfolio is occupied by stocks under 1$ (and even under 10$), you surely had some problems with your ombilical cord at birth. Admit that you're only a gambler.

One of my first advices to any new investor would be to avoid the Venture at any price, whatever the ROE of a stock is. Don't think you are smarter than the market. You can't do well if you buy cheap shit. Don't buy cheap fucking shit. If you do it anyway, fuck you. Lose all your money because that's what you deserve.

Ok, so, if I take a look at my stocks, my cheapest is Knight Thrapeutics (about 8,50$ CAN).

I have a few "hundred dollars stocks":

Constellation Software (685$ CAN)
Biogen (320$ US)
Credit Acceptance Corp (265$ US)
Mohawk (250$ US)
O'Reilly (210$ US)
Middleby (120$ US)
Disney (100$ US)

Most of my other stocks are priced at something between 40 and 80$.

Please, don't take this post too seriously because there's nothing that rationnal here. The main argument here is not that pricey = quality... but cheap = crap.

Those inclined towards these stocks are not investors. They're pee-wees. Bantams at best. 

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  1. Stop and take an inventory of your stocks. You will be amazed how often your lowest priced stock is the one that will perform the worst in the following 12 months. This applies double to those of us insane enough to gamble (you cannot call it investing) on penny mining stocks. LOL. Investors Business Daily newspaper says: avoid any stock going under $30. For starters, no institutional buyer will go near it...and they are the big boys whose demand usually lifts up a stock.

    1. Below 30$ seems a little exaggerated to me. But I agree with the fact that the cheapest stock usually has the worst performance.

  2. A simple and effective guideline to follow. Nice post.