vendredi 3 novembre 2017

Another day of despair

We live amongst pedophiles. I mean, if we can't trust Kevin Spacey, who can we trust? That guy was my favorite movie star for many years and now, we learn that he's some kind of fucking predator, wanting to fuck 14 years old boys.

I'll never be able to watch his masterpieces like K-PAX and Superman returns again. Fuck you Kevin Spacey. But I wish you to be fucked by grown up girls. I bet you'll hate it.

I really want to trust and admire some people but fuck, this world is full of losers and mofos. Half of Hollywood is deviant (pedophiles, sexual predators, assholes). More than half of superinvestors are bad or average. And many people on the facebook page of Robin Speziale talk about stocks on the Venture.

Where are we going?

I hope to be your lighthouse because, frankly, except for me, I don't see who could be your guiding light through all that thick shitty fog.

2 commentaires:

  1. The only ventures that I am interested in are Namsys and Photon Control. But my favorite pick would be Namsys at this time. Only have around 2% of total portfolio but I think I almost like everything about it except its valuation (considering it is in venture).

  2. A great many mirco-cap / penny stocks are already down 40% or more from their highs earlier in the year. Because of this correction and to keep from getting bored, I now keep 2-5% of my portfolio available for them and have about 30 names that I am monitoring on my stock screens. Namsys is one of them. Where can I get the Namsys story? (besides their website and the government's SEDAR database). Any idea about their projected earnings for this year and next year? They are showing a good roe from last year.