mardi 19 décembre 2017

Bitcoin: LOL

The big hype these days is Bitcoin.

I'm a professional. Before writing something about Bitcoin, I’ve been on Wikipedia to read what that thing is.

I didn’t really understand. LOL. Am I some kind of retard LOL? Or is that cryptoshit some kind of joke only Frank Abagnale can understand? At this point, I suck, as a professional.

On wikipedia, they talk about « crypto currency » and « blockchain » (LOLLLL) and the fact that Bitcoin is not a currency but a good. LOLLLL. A good to speculate may I add.

Here’s the price of Bitcoin over the last 2 years (in canadian dollars):

December 31th 2015: 519$
December 31th 2016: 1277$
And now, 2017...
July 14th 2017: 2460$
September 25th 2017: 4974$
November 4th 2017: 9600$
December 5th 2017: 15 000$
December 15th 2017: 24 900$ (LOLLLLLLLLLLLL)
December 19th 2017: About 23 500$ (LOLLLLLL)
If you had bought that cryptostuff one year ago, you would have made almost 25 times your money. It's completely crazy.

I have to admit that, even though I understand jack shit about that scam, I’d really like to borrow a Delorean at the nearest Carmax and go back at the beginning of 2017 to put 100 000$ on Bitcoin. 

But I’d sell everything today.

5 commentaires:

  1. The story gets crazier. One company tripled after announcing they accept bitcoin with their pay pass type technology. then there's these guys who just got listed on the stock market and went up 20-fold because they bought a blockchain company (which of course makes them a 3 billion dollar company) LOL :

  2. Bitcoin... I don't know. There is too much speculation. One of my basic rule in investing is: ''if the average Joe who has no clue about investing argues that the best investment yet to be done in 2017 is Bitcoin, walk away''.

  3. Human beings are extraordinarily suggestible. We tend to believe in a childlike way what we are told, what is repeated, and what those around us believe…As society became more complex and diversified into large, institutional religions, political parties, and empires, the sources of indoctrination became more sophisticated. In today’s fractured societies people can be manipulated and controlled by beliefs, opinions, symbols, and dogma manufactured by psycho-pathological individuals and secret societies that seek control and power.

    Kabir Helminski


    I'll just leave this here.