jeudi 21 décembre 2017

My picks and yours for 2018

Soon, I'll write a review about my picks and yours for 2017.

But, for now, let's take a look at what looks promising to us for 2018. This time, I'll go with only 5 picks and I ask you to do the same, because 10 picks is a lot.

1- Alimentation Couche-Tard (ATD-B.TO);
2- MTY Food Group (MTY.TO);
3- LKQ (LKQ);
4- Credit Acceptance Corp (CACC);
5- Facebook (FB). 

What are yours?

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    1. How much of an impact do you think declining mall traffic & higher minimum wages will have on MTY?

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  4. Here are my top five picks with the price they closed at today. I'm only picking one Canadian company and even that stock is best purchased on the American stock exchange (avg 4k shares traded per day in Canada and average of over 60k shares traded per day on u.s. side).

    1. Arista Networks (ANET) $236
    2. National Beverage (FIZZ) $103.50
    3. Supernus Pharm. (SUPN) $ 38.65
    4. Tucows (TCX) $ 66.05
    5. Skyworks Solutions (SWKS) $ 97.50

    * Tucows trades in Canada under the symbol (and is currently at $85.40 in Cdn dollars).

    Good luck guys.

  5. Réponses
    1. J’ai presque sélectionné Five Below. L’évaluation est très élevée mais quel stock performant!

    2. Perhaps FIVE will outperform Dollarama, Dollar General and Dollar Tree. Perhaps Casey's General Store (CASY) will outperform couche tard in the next five years. This is not because they are better businesses...but because they have so much more room to expand and grow with their market cap of $3B or $4B. FIVE intends to more than double their number of stores and they are intending to grow and expand very quickly. Of course, when you pick the smaller company, there's more room for error/ higher risk to go with the potentially higher rewards.

  6. Lol.
    J'en ai pas encore. J'attend juste mon prix! Ça se rapproche...

  7. Don’t think I did so well last year with my picks so I’ll try to rebound for 2018…

    1…TPK…(Ten Peaks Coffee)…selling for not much more than tangible book value, so you are basically getting the operational side of the business dirt cheap. Management is currently investing in their business to grow it in the future. I think there is good upside here. I would like to own it.

    2…MAL (Magellan Aerospace)…Cheaper than other stocks in the sector as it is lightly traded, the owner owns a huge amount of his own stock…a potential takeover target. I would like to own it.

    3…BBU.UN (Brookfield Business Partners L.P.)…Had to include one of the Brookfield subsidiaries, a global player in private equity supported by the parent company, astock to hold forever. I own it
    4…STN (Stantec Inc)…Management are good long term capital allocators in a sector that can only grow, acquired a water management firm in the states that will be accretive for future earnings. I like that space more than energy. I own it
    5…PHO (Photon Control Inc)…Service the capital intensive semi-conductor industry, hold a niche position along the supply chain specializing in temperature measurement of the constructing of semiconductor chips… new management with great free cash flow. I own it.
    I like to hold my stocks for long periods of time, sometimes that has hurt but in the long run it makes for less stress and a sense of knowing where you stand.

  8. My five picks:

    1. FIH.u - Fairfax India
    2. PBH - Premium Brand Holdings
    3. V - Visa
    4. BAM.a - Brookfield Asset Mgmt
    5. DWDP - DowDupont

  9. I follow most of Angelo Dallas' holdings but BNN doesn't like repeat top picks so mine will be:

    1) Great Canadian Gaming - $33.69 - Toronto Casinos, defensive
    2) Novanta - $50.60 - Chips / WOM. I think they will make another acquisition.
    3) Shopify - $132.35 - BFCM sales double of last year. I see no end in sight to online shopping
    4) Paypal - $73.80 - Bitcoins, cashless transactions
    5) Savaria - $17.92 - Aging populations

    Chris Umiastowski's growth strategy in the Globe and Mail highlighted to me the importance of focusing on a company's potential rather than it's stock. It makes it easier for me to hold & buy the dips.

  10. My Top 5 Picks for 2018:

    1) National Beverage (FIZZ)
    2) Savaria (SIS)
    3) Pollard Banknote (PBL)
    4) Match Group (MTCH)
    5) Yum China (YUMC)

    Merry Christmas Monsieur Penetrator, and everyone! Happy Returns.

    - Robin

    P.S. I share all of my Best Ideas for 2018 here:

  11. Bonjour, my five:

    AGT AGT Food & Ingredients
    CJR.B Corus Entertainment
    CWC CWC Energy Services
    DF Dean Foods
    DML Denison Mines

    Happy New Year!


  12. Merry Christmas All! My picks for 2018 are


  13. I'll stick with an all-Canadian theme again this year. Here is the hand I'll choose to play (or have been playing) and I hope everyone has a great 2018.

    1) Savaria ($18.06 - TSX)
    2) Pollard Banknote ($17.25 - TSX)
    3) Photon Controls ($1.84 - TSXV)
    4) Intertape Polymer ($21.21 - TSX)
    5) BRP Inc ($46.65 - TSX).

  14. Quality and growth at a reasonable price:

    1. V
    2. TJX
    3. FB
    4. GOOG
    5. CHKP

    One could also include: BRK.B, MA, BF.B, ROST, etc.

  15. My picks are:

    1. Trisura (TSU-TSX)
    2. Broadridge (BR-NYSE)
    3. eBay (EBAY-NASDAQ)
    4. Versum (VSM-NYSE)
    5. Visa (V-NYSE)

    Best of luck in 2018!

  16. A little late but here are 5 I think will do well. While I like all the ~20 stocks we own, these 5 are either down from recent highs or haven't gone anywhere for a while and are probably due for a rally.


    I'll throw in TOY too... they aren't down but their ROE profile is killer. Cheers.