jeudi 3 mai 2018

My schedule

Being at the point of mid-life, my worry is that life passes besides me at a high speed. I like my job, I have a very good income and I know I'm close to the top of the pyramid, but I spend my working time along many people who don't really appreciate me (a few truly hate me). But I spend little time with my family and even less with my friends, parents and other relatives.

Here's my schedule:

6 AM: Waking up
6:30 AM: Running to the bus
7:30 AM: Arriving at work
16:30 PM: Leaving work
17:45 PM: Arriving home
From 17:45 PM to 19 PM: Eating, bathing the kids, helping my son with his homeworks
19 PM: Doing the lunches for tomorrow, cleaning the floor because the baby spills her meal at every dinner. Trying to learn her a few words or to stimulate her in any way.
20 PM: Putting the kids to bed and being exhausted.
22 PM: Going to bed

I fucking spend about 2 hours a day with my family and these 2 hours are spent eating at high speed then doing all the stuff a father should do, but being often irritated by all the noise in the house. That's it, 2 fucking hours over a 24 hours period where I try to develop something constructive.

You may earn 100 000$ a year, or even 500 000$ a year, that schedule is simply crazy. Isn't it crazy to realize that you spend more time on the bus than with your kids?

And you don't even have to have a family to find something crazy there. How the fuck evolution has lead us to spend so much time with people that we don’t like?

4 commentaires:

  1. Hey buddy, it has been a while!
    Well said! I can't wait to retire early so that I can dictate 100% of my life. As long as I am employed, I work from Monday to Friday then am forced to take calls from my boss after working hours and weekends. It is not too late to figure out what to do after the retirement and I am quite sure we will keep our brains sharp by investing ourselves!

    1. Right BSR. I wouldn’t have any problem to be busy if I’d retire tomorrow. It’s only a matter of money.

    2. What is your magic number? :)

    3. The magic number depends on many factors (your age, your health, your family). But i would say 1 million.