vendredi 8 juin 2018


I'm currently in China, the last great communist country on earth.

What am I doing there? I don't know.

- I've never been interested by any country in Asia, except maybe Mongolia and Turkey;
- I don't like when there's too many people in a specific place and I'm now in the most populated country on earth;
- Google and Facebook aren't allowed in that country, probably to preserve the soul of Chinese people. So, you have to install a VPN (something that makes like you’re in another country to allow you to access Google).
- To go in China, you need a Visa. You need to tell them exactly where you're gonna sleep on each night of your trip. Absolutely no place for improvisation.
- There's so much pollution that some people wear masks;
- They take their shit in turkish toilets, which is basically a hole in which you take a dump. You have to aim well.
- Many people sniff their snot really loud and spit. That’s absolutely disgusting.
- On our first day, three people tried to screw us for our money with various tactics. At the moment you read these lines, I may have lost my money and passport.
- They don't speak English that much;
- Y parlent pas pantoute français.

The positive point is that that travel is gonna push back the frontiers of what's an easy trip for me. It's not India and it's not Iran or Irak, but it's pretty far from our superior western civilization.

To come here is really an experience. Beijing and Shangai may look a lot like New-York but the rest of the country is very very communist and industrial. A strange mix.

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  1. Here's a bit of info:
    Most squat toilets and plumbing in public places in China are not designed to handle paper waste. This may seem strange for some, but luckily, there are usually waste baskets to use nearby.//

    Now, imagine these backwards people taking a trip to Japan (or another advanced nation). What do they do? They wipe their butts with toilet paper and toss the toilet paper in the waste basket next to the toilet (like in their country). The Japanese must vomit having to see this. LOL

    1. I’ve used these Turkish toilets once and yes, you put the paper in a small basket.

      I prefer my civilization way of taking care of shit.


  3. I've been doing a lot of research lately. Check out PETS and POOL. Also like FIZZ but that's already been noted on here.

  4. Pene: remind me when we meet to shake your left hand. Merci.

  5. I'm looking at PETS also, Vicario. But why did it move from $53 to $34 recently? I've made money with FIZZ but want to see if profit margins go down or revenue stops growing as much now that Pepsi introduced Bubly

  6. Love the low share count on all 3 of your mentions Vicario.Ill throw a simple one into the mix -- ROOT. They are a brand, and i thinking Asians are going to continue to love them. Under 500M market cap now...big runway ahead the next decade..5-bagger plus imo long term.