dimanche 3 juin 2018

Superficial investing: a very gay post

Every little fact has some importance when we decide to invest money in a stock:

There's the ROE, the EPS growth, the beta, the debt, the payout ratio. There's a bit of technical too, even for value or growth investors. And there's some other things, such as the face of the CEO.

You never payed attention to the face of the CEO of stocks in which you've invested money? I think you should.

I know, if you've searched for Constellation Software's Mark Leonard, you didn't find anything. And you believe that he doesn't even exist, which is probably true. But I believe that most others CEO exist. And you can find their pictures on Internet, which is a proof of their existence.

When you take a look at their faces, you may understand some things. For instance, seeing the face of Mark Thomson (Concordia Healthcare), you ask yourself: "How the fuck did I put some money on that stock?". Most of the time, they have an OK face and you have a vague positive or negative impression, but rarely as negative as when you see the face of Mark Thomson.

Anyway, here's some CEO's pictures.

Mike Pearson (Valeant): In french, we say "gras comme un voleur".

Mark Thomson (Concordia): Isn't it the worst picture someone could take to inspire trust?

Glenn Fogel (Booking Holdings): He has the look of a merciless businessman. A true killer. I like that.

Alain Bouchard (Couche-Tard): If we were both gays, I'd let him fuck me, hoping that his smegma would make of me a superhuman like he is.

Larry Page (Alphabet): Oh my god, I could never be friend with a guy with such a face. Well, it's probably only a problem of haircut. By luck, Google is an extraordinary business, so the horse compensate for the jockey.

Brock Bulbuck (Boyd Group): Very strange face. I wouldn't say that I don't trust him, but very strange face anyway.

Larry Rossy (Dollarama): Isn't he a beautiful old man? He doesn't look like he has many years to live, but I like him.

Saputo family (Saputo): I don't trust the smile of the small guy at the left.

O'Reilly: Greg Henslee: We're not used to see people in that position with such a mustache. But he looks trustable anyway.

Stanley Ma: Isn't he lovely? Here's probably one of the must trustable CEO's on the planet. I'd share a Big Mac or a Whopper with him.

7 commentaires:

  1. The most trustworthy CEO is a guy who won't even show his face. I cannot find a photo of Mark Leonard. He works for $1 per year. He does not dilute shares. He forces everybody to watch your pennies when spending on business expenses like flying. The shareholders of Constellation have been blessed.

  2. This is Mark Leonard


  3. What are you guys' thoughts on Quebecor? Over the past three years I like the growth in EPS, FCF and ROE in addition to reduction in shares and debt. Dividend is increasing, forward P/E of 14.5 is encouraging - thought I would run it past some of the educated minds that frequent the blog to see what your thoughts are.

  4. Don't bore me with numbers, what does the CEO look like?

  5. After seeing Mark Thomson's picture I wouldn't touch anything he had to do with...Perhaps looking at CEO pictures has its merits.

  6. Hands down Penetrator my favorite post! I still have not forgiven myself for owning CXR after my gut told me 'don't trust that man' I trust my gut now over 50 pages of numbers now every time.2