samedi 25 août 2018


My great friend Robin isn’t aware about it because we simply didn’t talk to each other for the last months...

But I thought that I could go for a weekend in Toronto this fall. I’ve never been downtown Toronto and I’ll soon be 40, so, why not while I’m still alive?

If I go there, I want to drink beers with you. Yes you, the unknown person reading my brilliant posts while you take a crap. It could be something else than beer. We could even smoke a joint after mid-october because it’s gonna be legal then.

Or sing in some karaoke bar. We could sing Bohemian Rhapsody and I’ll let you the honor of singing the « Gallileo Figaro » part. It could be completely sick.

The only obligation for you is to write me a short email ( If nobody is interested, I’ll probably stay home and watch some shit on Netflix.

8 commentaires:

  1. I’ll be in Toronto Sept 24 to go on BNN. Disclaimer: my 5&7 year olds will be w me... but if you’re there then let me know!

    1. It should be later than that. More probably November or December.

  2. How about finding a date, time and a place and leaving it open? Or hang out at the Moneyshow?

  3. On that topic, has anyone ever gone to the Moneyshow?

  4. I can plan if I can get a date and time confirmed. Cheers!

  5. Give me a shout