samedi 8 septembre 2018

My idols

I really like crazy people. I like people who revolt against the system. I like Alex Delarge in Clockwork Orange. The guy is a real psychopath, but at least, he tries something different to do with his life.

And I've realized lately that almost all the bands I like have been taking drugs and acted crazy in a way or another, for a big part of their carreer.

The Beatles took loads of drugs. Syd Barrett, the first singer of Pink Floyd went crazy after taking too much LSD (he had some mental issues too, but LSD didn't help at all), The Cure took LSD and many other drugs, the guys in The Police took cocaine, and the list continues like that endlessly.

Let's talk about the Replacements, an obscure american band of the 80's. For me, they're a kind of hybrid between Nirvana and Bryan Adams (anger, but great melodies). These guys were always drunk and they took cocaine to stay awake longer to take more beer. They were nasty with everyone including their fans, journalists and music businessmen who could have made them way bigger. They had a huge potential but they shot themselves in the foot on more than one occasion. That's not brilliant, but that's fucking bold and they deserve at least a bit of fascination for that.

I suppose most investors worship Warren Buffett with his simple life and "dancing on his way to work" lifestyle. I don't. I find this boring. I'd rather play my guitar, scream on the microphone, smash my guitar at the end of the show and party like a real mofo. And do this night after night. That's a fucking statement. That's the biggest statement you can do. Perhaps it wears you out after a few years, but I'd like to try it for 2 or 3 years.

A psychiatrist would probably say that I'm not in peace with myself, seeking destruction and rebellion. It's perhaps true. But I've always been like that. And Steve Jobs has always been like that. And all the people I find interesting have been like that.

Nietzsche, Beethoven, they were all fucking crazy or weird or they stank or whatever. Napoleon was excited when his wife didn't wash for a few days. Man, that's fucking disgusting. But he almost invaded all Europe.

Normal people are the worst people to have around you.

Some people believe that life is made for creating things and be nice and kind. I believe it's also made to destroy things.

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  1. I really like people that stick their fingers in electric sockets, fry their brains on drugs and get beat up by the police and thrown in jail ALSO. They are so much more entertaining to watch on tv. Sadly, in the real world, you have to embrace a lot of boredom to be a functioning, successful member of society.
    Two types of crazy/exciting people come to mind. The guy who is easily bored and jumps around from job to job every year until his c.v. is a royal mess and he is pretty much unemployable. The woman who spent her entire life partying, pushing men away and just riding the cock carousel in her youth and then wakes up old and looking like shit and wondering why men do not want her old wrinkled ass. She gets to be CRAZY CAT LADY. She will die of loneliness and self-loathing...and then her cats will eat her.
    Here's a sad lesson: Embrace the boredom and the grind or expect to be beaten by the police or to have people show up at your door and take your furniture away. It takes incredible talent or skills to be crazy and destructive and successful.

    1. You could also be part-time crazy and crazy in an intelligent way. But few people could achieve that and stay on the edge without crossing it.

  2. The Replacements' Let It Be is amazing.