dimanche 18 novembre 2018

Ce que les meilleurs achètent

The last transactions of super rich people living a degenerate life are released these days. Let's take a look at all these crazy party animals .

Warren Buffett:

Buffett mostly bought banks in the last quarter. His transactions are usually boring in my opinion, but it works. He's one of the few investors for which it all steadily goes up. People will probably be very excited about his 1% position in Oracle which will make people say he's now a techno guy. Fuck off. He's so rich that he can't ignore techno anymore. He's in almost every sector. That's all. 

Increased his stake in Bank of America by 29% (now 11,7% of Berkshire Hathaway);
Increased his stake in US Bancorp by 24% (now 3% of Berkshire Hathaway) 
Increased his stake in Goldman Sachs by 38%  (now 1,9% of Berkshire Hathaway)
New buy: JP Morgan (now 1,8% of Berkshire Hathaway)
New buy: Oracle (now 1% of Berkshire Hathaway)

Chuck Akre:
He just very slighlty reduce some positions and he bought Focus Financial Partners (now 1,5% of his fund). It's boring to follow such a quiet portfolio but it shows that Akre knows what he does and is in control. I love you Chuck. 

Bill Ackman:
I only follow Ackman because he's so cocky and so bad at the same time. It's a strange mix because usually, when you're bad, you're not cocky. But Ackman manages to combine both. What a mofo. 

Added 9,4% to his Lowe's position (now 18,6% of his fund)
Added 9% to his United Technologies position (now 13,3% of his fund)
Reduced his position in Chipotle Mexican Grill by 29% (now 18% of his fund)

Giverny Capital (Frank Rochon):
It's probably been a hard quarter for Giverny with stocks like Bank of the Ozarks, Fortune Brands, Mohawk and Dollarama dropping like fuck. I wonder why Giverny seems to copy that much the moves of Sequoia Fund, Thomas Gayner and Buffett. For instance, a few months ago, Sequoia sold their entire O'Reilly position. Now, Giverny sells half of his position. They also bought Credit Acceptance Corp a few months ago and sold everything pretty quickly (Sequoia have kept their position). It's probably one of the best funds in Canada and even North America but why these guys don't have their own personality? 

Reduced the Visa position by 11% (now 5,1% of the american portfolio)
Reduced the O'Reilly position by 46% (now 2% of the fund)
Added 10% to the Google position (now 5,4% of the american portfolio with both classes of actions)
Added 11% to the Littlefuse position (now 2,3% of the american portfolio)
Added 13% to the Fortune Brands position (now 2,3% of the american portfolio)
Added 1300% to the JP Morgan position (now 2,6% of the american portfolio)
New buy: Charles Schwab (2,8% of the american portfolio)
Sold all their Wells Fargo shares. 
There's a ton of other transactions made by superinvestors in the last quarter, but most of them don't have any interest at all. They buy shitty stuff. Why can these people buy so much cocaine with so little skills? 

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  1. Not to get off topic but did anyone notice the -6.74 hit Donville took in October? I always remember the guy talking about buying hedges for the S&P during the summer months, doesn't appear to have worked. Since the guy has left BNN his fund has performed like shit. Why doesn't he get back on TV?

  2. My favorite long term guys to follow in Canada are Mawer. The are concentrated, and they outperform with high quality businesses.