mardi 20 novembre 2018

Market crash

The only reason to be unhappy when the market goes down is to have no peso to invest on the market or to be very close to retirement.

Otherwise, you should be excited because there's so many great stocks available at a nice price.
Personnaly, I'm a bit sad because I don't have that much money left to invest. So, I'm watching the carnage, totally helpless.

Have you seen Facebook? It's so cheap now (given the fact that FB has no debt and is full of money). And there's some super great stocks like Mastercard which is available at about 24 times next year's earnings. Yeah, it's a lot, but for that stock, it's almost cheap.

Plus, the government just announced that the TFSA limit is now at 6000$. It's not a huge difference (500$ more than before) but, it's better than nothing. If the market stays this low up until the first days of january, you may have 500$ more to invest in cheap stocks.

In 10 days, it's gonna be december. I'm thinking more and more about my wonderful idea of busting my TFSA limit. Because, if you can buy something with a 20% discount and you have a 1% penalty to pay, it's not a big deal. For instance, if you invest 6000$ on december 1st in your TFSA, you'll have to pay 60$  to the governement for busting your limit for 2018. 

Does it hurt when you can buy something that should probably be 20% more expensive (1200$ more than the 6000$ you'll pay)? OK, some people will say: It may go lower! Yeah, but everybody should always look at an historical PE before investing. If your stock has a PE substantially lower than it's historical average and the stock has been performant as always in the recent past, I don't see how someone could say it's not a good buy.

If I had 15% of liquidities right now, I'd probably invest everything.

Sadly, I have 0,2% liquidities. I have to sell a kidney. 

3 commentaires:

  1. Or borrow on your credit line the equivalent of your 2018 tax return and invest it now? Better than selling a kidney

  2. I track the momentum of market breadth of the NYSE (adv-dec volume)...There is a big divergence between what is happening now and what happened a couple of weeks ago...I think this is a successful retest of the low and we are going up from here with what i think will be a pretty healthy rally. I agree with Mr Perpetrator, there are a lot of good cheap stocks out there right now...the way I see it anyways.

  3. I agree, this is bottom and rally from here. When out of cash, no problem. Just sell your least volatile names and trade them in for higher beta names without sacrifice quality, albeit increasing risk and volatility. Example: i like banks and own RBC, currently down 5%. Thinking the market has bottomed, i will sell it, and move my money into ING in Europe which is very stable and highly rated, and has 50% upside to it conservatively.