mardi 27 novembre 2018

A white guy with European DNA in Toronto

Last weekend, I was in Toronto.

It’s a beautiful city that I never visited before. The city is nice and most people look friendly. The Chinatown stinks a bit, but it's the same smell that in every Chinatown. 

I've met some great people: Mike, the guitar player, Jack the blonde chinese (which is a strange mix), and Leia (or Laya or Leah) the blonde Estonian-jewish girl (which is a strange mix also). If you know them personnaly, salute them for me.

I was mostly in Toronto to meet Robin, Be Smart Rich and some unknown people who read our blogs/Facebook pages.

I'm sure that all the people who came have either found me very boring or antisocial because I was in a fusionate relationship with Be Smart Rich who looked absolutely stunned by my charisma which I responded to by giving him almost all of my attention (70% to him, 25% to Robin and 5% to the others).

Around 10 PM, I was a little tired of being seated and I didn't have anything to say to the people around the table. So, Be Smart Rich and I went out to smoke the peace pipe to reach a higher level of conscience. We walked to a bar called "2 cats" which is a very nice place in Toronto that I've liked a lot. People are older there than in other bars, but they're cool and the ambiance is fun. Plus, the drinks are cheap (4$ before 11 PM). A good indicator of that bar being a nice place is that some guys and some girls came to talk to me (without knowing me, of course), which is something that doesn't happen very often.  

But Be Smart Rich didn't seem to like that place. So, before having some real fun, he brought me to some fucking discotheque ("The Citizen") where the average age was way younger. My mind was somewhere else now but I remember saying that it was a place for barely legal girls. It's the kind of place that I hate: Full of sluts and douchebags. Frankly, I don't remember exactly how the people looked so I may be a little too hard here, but I'm sure that I didn't feel at the right place.

During that time, that poor Robin was left alone with the other people who came to the get together. Eventually, he rejoined us. But we soon lost Be Smart Rich. And even if I was still there physically, I was somewhere else mentally. I was wasted. Robin wanted to go back to "2 Cats" which we should have never leaved in the first place (Fuck you Be smart rich) and while we were doing the line up, I felt dizzy and I had a growing urge to piss and vomit. So I went back to where I was staying because I felt it was the right place to combine both activities. After a little internal clean up, I wanted to change my clothes but someone in the hostel had taken my bag and took it somewhere else. So I couldn't find my clothes. That's how the night ended: with the not glorious achievement of letting Robin down after being let down by Be Smart Rich.

One person fell in love with me (Be Smart Rich) while 9 others probably thought I wasn't interesting at all. So, my only achievement is to have seduced Be Smart Rich but even there, there’s a negative side because I left the day after and surely broke his heart.

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  1. Are you sure Be Smart Rich was stunned by your charisma? Maybe he was just looking for the next Lassonde or MTY. I mean, Quebec Inc. has been good to his stock portfolio.