mardi 18 décembre 2018

Picks for 2019

Less than 2 weeks before 2019. It's time to think about where to put money. I've learned that chosing a very solid stock that's growing year after year and that had a great past is often the right place to look.

I still stay away from any scandal-related stock. I may put a little money in these stocks but they’ll never be a major stake. Like Facebook for instance. Perhaps that Facebook is undervalued at the moment. But the situation isn't clear and I believe it's a bad idea to capitalize too much on a stock related to some big concern. So, Facebook is not a conviction pick for me. And Dollarama neither. They're both great companies, but the momentum just isn't there and momentum is important. I’ve learned that a little late.

Here's my picks for the next year:

Alimentation Couche-Tard (ATD-B)
MTY Food Group (MTY)
Five Below (FIVE)
Alphabet/Google/Whatever (GOOG)
Visa (V)

I'm really excited about 2019. Perhaps it's gonna be hard for the first few months of the year, but I'm thinking about all possibilities for having more money to invest. That major drop of the market for no exceptional reason just gives me a big boner. I've busted my limits for some registered accounts and the market keeps going down but I don’t care. It might get 5-10% down from here and I wouldn't regret any investment made over the last month.

I need more money. A blowjob, anyone?

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  1. I'm sticking with my 2018 picks. Long term, no need to switch things up.

    Novanta $62.78
    Savaria $12.47
    Paypal $87.00
    Great Canadian Gaming $49.39
    Shopify (TSX) $186.64

  2. I believe the market is changing its stripes right now…We are currently going through the second correction in a year (very rare) coupled with the fact that the FED is starting to siphon off all the liquidity they’ve injected into the system over the last decade. Because of this I believe the playing field will be structurally different in the years ahead.

    I think these corrections will be draining away the excesses; the market has given to growth stocks over the last number of years. Because of this a more value-added approach to investing may be more prominent. So maybe I’ll go with the following names for next year (although a holding period of 3 years I think would be better)…

    Stantec Inc.
    (STN on the TSX)...29.66

    Brookfield Asset Management Inc.
    (BAM.A on the TSX)...54.19

    Open Text Corp.
    (OTEX on the TSX)...44.90

    Baylin Technologies Inc.
    (BYL on the TSX)...3.45

    GrafTech International Ltd.
    (EAF on the NYSE)...11.82

    I consider the two tech stocks OTEX and BYL (one big, one small) to be very value orientated choices even though they are both in the tech sector. Value can take many shapes. EAF has come under the control of one of Brookfield’s subsidiaries and they are currently selling off non-core assets and re-negotiating leases making them more long term in nature…

    God help me but I love it so…

  3. In 2019, some of the best places to put your money will be:

    1. In your shoe
    2. In your pillow
    3. In your mattress
    4. At the bank (paying about 0% interest)
    5. In a piggy bank

    I expect the market to go down about 20% in 2019. A lot of people will get caught in value traps. Earnings will keep being revised downwards.

    higher interest rates + quantitative TIGHTENING + trade war with China adds up to trouble. I would turn much more optimistic if I saw a resolution of the trade war with China. But, sadly, I don't think that trade war is about trade. I believe it is about global dominance and it will not end in 2019. We have had a decade of very good results in the stock market. It may be time for something more than a mere correction.
    I hope I am wrong.

  4. These are my picks for 2019:

    MTY food group (MTY)
    Visa (V)
    Copart (CPRT)
    BRK if under 195$
    Google or Constellation Software if forward P/E is under 20

    The question is should I by now or wait to see if the drop will continue

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  7. Alimentation Couche Tard ATD.b
    Mastercard MA
    Copart CPRT
    Dollarama DOL
    KraftHeinz KHC