lundi 17 décembre 2018

Quebec City: What the fuck?

Some crazy shit happened to my friend last weekend. While he was in a bar, he got beaten by some extreme-right mofo who asked him if he was "antifa" (anti-fascist) before punching him (and breaking his nose) then, finally, kicking his face.

It happened in 30 seconds. I wasn't there, but I'm sure my friend didn't provoke the guy. It's my friend with whom I crash random Christmas parties. The guy isn't aggressive at all. He can say a lot of crap, he can argue with people on Facebook, but he'll never get involved in a fight or some aggressive stuff.

For instance, while we were in a bar, just after crashing some boring christimas party, 2 weeks ago, a little cocky fucker pushed him for no reason and my friend didn't reply. I saw it and I said to the motherfucker: "Hey buddy, what's your problem? I'm a lawyer, and it could go wrong for you with what you just did".

Then, the guy just calmed down like a big pussy. He touched my arm several times, saying: "Hey! Sorry, I'm just here to have fun!" And I gave him my best murderer face which probably stressed him a little because he kept on touching my arm. .

But, anyway, my friend never said anything to provoke or to reply to this guy. It's me who got on the front line with the power of the uniform and some attitude. About 80% of the time, if you get the right costume and the right attitude, these stupid human beings will believe what you say. I can experiment it on every Christmas party.

Does it happen in Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver? I mean, everybody's crazy in these fucking gigapolis with all the smog and the diseases that everybody get from sleeping with whores. But in Québec City… What the fuck? I'm so mad at this little fucker. I hope he'll get fisted in jail.

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  1. It is him:

  2. Many years ago I was at a downtown Montreal bar with a friend. We noticed some military guys in uniform on the premises. I got to talking to one of them who told me he was a pilot for the Canadian Armed Forces. He was a bit out of control and a bit loud. We were asking him about his military work and talking about girls. Then all of a sudden he turns to us and says: are you guys a couple of communists? The question came out of nowhere and was unrelated to anything else we were talking about.
    I could see how these military guys could be TRIGGERED by a label like communist. I calmly explained that we are not communists and that we believe in our free enterprise system and democratic government. No sooner did I look up and the military guy was following a waitress up some stairs and literally sniffing her ass like a dog. He just wanted to hear "yes. We're communists" He did not care for my long explanation as to why our system is better. He did not need friends. He just wanted an enemy to attack. When he did not get "lucky" with us...he was walking away without saying bye and sniffing a girl's butt. At least our guy came with a uniform and we knew not to provoke him. If he saw red, he would probably attack.
    A couple of years back a kid at UQAM *university of quebec at montreal* was beaten up because he kept wearing a MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN cap in support of Donald Trump. The left can be intolerant also. We do not have that many extreme right wing people in Quebec but their numbers must be rising. Don't get too cute with your answer to political questions from angry drunk strangers at bars.