jeudi 10 janvier 2019

How the market moves

It's so sad to see how these market drops aren’t based on solid stuff.

We hear and read some comments about a positive turn-around between China and USA and, all of a sudden, everything looks good again on the market.

I knew it wasn't world war III. But I'd expected it to last a little longer. Which is sad for me because I planned to put a lot of fresh money at work in the coming weeks. Now, it looks that I won't get the bargains I'd expected to get. Surely that Donald Trump will sooner or later tell some crap that will worry the market, but he's now halfway through his mandate, so he'll probably play a little safer now.

I really hope that we'll see once again the S&P500 at an annual low, because that's a buy signal for everyone in my opinion. That's probably the only moment when you can buy your favorite stocks without too much analysis. I like these no-brainer times which don't occur that often.
So, I hope that violent movements will continue even if it makes me believe that most investors are complete retards. Come on, Constellation Software was selling for less than 840$ on monday and two days later, it reached 915$, without any news. When such a quiet stock goes up that way in such a short period, it's because the market is driven by mindless hords of poultry.

2 commentaires:

  1. You know it is time to buy when a stock you are following revises their earnings downwards and it goes up almost 5% the next day. The market is telling us: all the bad news and then some is already priced in for many stocks.

  2. The Canadian dollor gained 3% since the beginning of 2019
    S&P 500 gained 3% as well