jeudi 7 mars 2019

Visiting Five Below

I'm still in Florida, still enjoying the weather, the water, the bikinis and the key lime pie. Holy fuck, I realize how much I hate my canadian life while I'm here.

Yesterday was my second visit in a Five Below store (just a few meters away from the Ulta Beauty shop). I was mostly there to buy some candies, because my son and I love Skittles. Even if it was my second visit there, it was the first one as a shareholder, So, I took a deeper look to the store, once again with my sister who's a shareholder too.

Here's my beautiful son, pushing the door to enter a Five Below. Notice the beautiful immaculate blue sky. How I fucking hate Canada. 

The sugar section: nothing really better than a Dollarama or Dollar General and a similar price, but a better presentation.
Look above: some cheap banjos and ukuleles that probably stay in tune for a few seconds but that you could give to your kids who probably don't care about the tuning of an instrument. They'll make irritating noises anyway. 

After a nanosecond in the shop, I notice that the floor looks as cheap and dirty as the usual american dollar stores. That's great. They put little money in general aspect of the store. And people like it when it's dirty. They think that dirty = cheap. So the more there's crap on the floor, the more customers come back. That's a marketing trick. I've already written about that in the past (about a Ross Store).

Second, the shop is divided by big sections in a way more interesting than Dollarama, Dollar Tree or Dollar General. The customer's experience is more interesting here. There's more colours and more atmosphere. I'm sure that kids prefer that to Dollar Tree or Dollar General.

1,9 LBS of sour candies for only 5$, now that's what I call a deal!

The tech section where you can buy a case for your Iphone for 5$ or less, which is way better than these fucking Best Buy shops where some cases are sold for more than 50$. Ok they're probably in Kryptonite or some other mystical material, but it's crazy to pay that much money for a fucking case. 

All in all, I like these stores. The experience is nice, the prices are nice, it's for everyone, but probably a little bit more for kids than the usual dollar stores.

I like it. More edge here than with Ulta Beaty.

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  1. These pics look less filthy than those you took from Ross Store last year.

    What I like of Five Below is that their geographical footprint is not yet as extended as other discount stores, which means that it remains room for growth