mercredi 6 mars 2019

Visiting Ulta Beauty

Every year, I come to Florida. It's the occasion to visit some great companies that aren't present in Canada.

Today, I've visited a Ulta Beauty shop. Here's the images taken by me, around noon, on march 6th, 2019 in Dania, Florida. 

My sister was with me. And my mother went there a few weeks ago, so I have the opinion of two women. 

First, an Ulta Beauty shop looks exactly like many other beauty shops. In Quebec, we have "Sephora", which is exactly the same kind of place (well, maybe there are some differences but on the general atmosphere aspect and on the products level, it's probably very similar).

My sister and mother told me that it was expensive. Not exactly "very expensive", but not cheap either. So, their advantage is not on the bargain side.

However, they have a lot of stuff. So, like my sister told me, perhaps that Ulta Beauty is the place to go when you need some specific stuff.

I've stayed there only for a few minutes. The edge of the business didn't strike me at all. And while it's a very very good business on paper, the moat seems pretty narrow. Probably that girls like to touch, smell and see the beauty products they use. They probably like to get the services of a beauty professional. But many girls may also use Amazon after they found what they looked for at Ulta Beauty. 

I'll keep my shares for the moment. But it's surely not a "to the death" case of ownership here. 

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  1. You call this research?!... where's a photo of you getting a blow dry and makeover?...

  2. Only for big occassions, Vicario.